Discussion in 'REME' started by Quincy27, Feb 6, 2009.

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  1. Hey, i am confsed over what i should do... ive applied for the army got my job sheet back and decided REME is for me but im not sure which trade is for me. so im wandering what everyone thinks i got fairly good GCSEs and done half of a VM course at college but not sure if i can survive the waiting time for it... any advice would be grately apriciated
  2. Try for VM or Recovery Mechanic, all the best, good looking & intelligent people belong to these two trades :D
  3. Did you enjoy the VM course at college? It's far better to pick a trade you will enjoy in the Corps as you will get the most satisfaction from it regardless of course waiting times. All the courses at our technical college have some waiting time. Good luck in your choice.
  4. Would you prefer to wait a few months for a trade you wanted rather than spend years doing a job you do not enjoy?
  5. Thanks guys i think, helped me finialise my choice..
  6. yer but if i wait they find i dont like the job i would change trade so ill go for VM or recovery and pick the one wiv the shorter waiting list to get me off civvi street ASAP because it blows
  7. VM. Better quals and prospects.
  8. thanks for all ur help going for VM
  9. You get to go on all the school trips in Germany and fu ck the QMs wife, (just 1 experience I remember).