Confused What to Do here?

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I got a call from my recruiter this morning saying the computers have been shut down and my barb test has to be done in the new year, what does this mean?

So, Im not sure whether to go on Monday afternoon with my application form and all documents needed and hand it in? Do you have to do your Barb Test before filling out and sending off medical forms?
As I think it would be easier and quicker if I got my medical forms fill out and sent out, by the time they come back it would be roughly the time Im supposed to be doing my Barb test, so will they allow me to do medical forms before the barb test?

Thankyou, If a recruiter answered themselves that would be splendid :)
And I've already tried to ring and ask several times, but they did not pick up the phone.
It means enjoy Christmas and see you in the new year for your Barb test.

Really, its a good job I'm drinking!

..and no dual posting!! Now I'm angry :pissedoff:
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