Confused wether to join or not!!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by anglianmad, Nov 22, 2009.

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  1. hey, im 19 been waiting to join the royal anglian regiment for a little while but am waiting to go to selection i am in a serious relationship with my girlfriend of 3 years she isnt happy with me joing but will accept its what i want to do alot of people have been adviseing me not to because of afghanistan and that and its sort of changed my out look on it all i still whant to join and i now i will regret it if i let it pass what do you think any advice seriouse advice please !?!?!?!?
  2. listen fella, do not let your girlie set the are 19 for fcuks sake....her fear is that you will find something better whilst in the army!! Unless you are already married then do what you want to do !!

    And believe me that the army will take you many places and you will see a lot of stuff Civvies only dream, or have nightmares now have a life ahead of you that is at your own discretion, make of it as you will!! do not let anyone tell you how to lead your life!!

    I joined with a girlfriend that did not like the i have a wife (who is fricking gorgeuos!! No... no photo's will be posted) who i met due to the Army.

    I joined 20 years ago!!

    The Girlfriend now has six kids and a layabout husband on the dole in my hometown!!

    I have a gorgeuos wife and have served in many places in the world and have had experiences that you could not make up!!

    It is a life that will set you apart fron others!! live it!!
  3. Thank you thats what i need abit of inspiration thanks!
  4. AM, always do what your heart wants....but i think that if you bin the army cos your girlie tells you to then you will miss out on a world of expeience that is a good life.. as i said i have done 20+ years, and it has been an interesting life.. sometimes good ..sometimes really bad.. but that is life anywhere you live it!! at least with the army you get an intresating life...or you could go work in a factory 9 to 5 for the rest of your life...BORING!! Go for your dream mate....many do not get the chance...!
  5. There is no confused, you either want to join or not. You aren't thinking of joining the AA.

    Joining sacrifices a lot even if you don't have a bird at the time.

    The following is a corny saying but very true. The Army is a way of life, not a job. If she can't handle the job but you want the way of life, then fcuk her off. The way of life will serve you for a long time afterwards. A lot longer than a fickle bird will.
  6. Is this a recommendation that he shouldn't join the Army??? ;)
  7. No!! this is a recommodation that he should do what he wants to do!!
    not some female that has no idea what the army will open up for him!!!

    Many of us have been influenced by the femine kind!! as always! but live your life as you want to !!! all i am advising is that he should make his own mind up!!!
  8. mate, do what you want to do !! Dont listen to your bird, thers always more fish in the sea as they say. But if she loves you then she will stay with you no matter what happens fella. Just crack on and dont look back, the army is a fantastic opportunity. ******* crack on mate !
  9. If you really want to join up and this bird talks you out of it, you are going to resent her for killing your dream for the rest of your life.
    If you are having second thoughts about the army because of whats happening in Afghanistan and you are useing her as an excuse to back out, think long and hard about what you want from your life. Do you want to live in the same place doing the same job all your life, or do you want to play in the big world having good times and adventures?
    Think carefully, make a decision and tell the bint to do one.
  10. Thanks guys! the bird would let me join but she would make it as hard as posible because she thinks afghanistan is a war that is not being backed enought by the goverment as in funding and is worried about me getting killed cheers for the comments
  11. theres always a risk of dieing u could die in a car crash and most soldiers return from afghanistan id go for the army mate and tell the bird to f*ck off
  12. Listen to you chick mate while the army may give you a job for years and unriveled oppertunities to get killed miles from home a chick will nosh you to completion no contest really.
  13. What the fuck is there to be confused about? There is no question. Stop being a fanny and join up.
  14. I'm not usually this harsh but i'm fcukin sick of hearing people saying they want to join but not sure because of <INSERT FEEBLE EXCUSE>. Think some people want the glory of calling themselves a soldier but aren't sure they want to be there whin the sh1t hits the fan. Man up or fcuk off.
  15. Join the Army - Cos all the birds are gagging for a Squaddie.

    Saw this on a poster once.