confused-RAMC Cadetship

I recently been on the aquaint visit for the RAMC Cadetship which i will apply for the april 2007 board but im a little confused...still.

As ive only just finished my first year at med school i stil have no idea what i will specialise in.

as i understand it, if you dont want to be a GP then you will have to sign up for more years as a MO (think its 18).
I want to know if you think its worth it getting a cadetship and intending to do the "11 year plan" ( 3years medical school, f1,f2 etc) if you dont want to be a GP?
im just concerened that if i get a cadetship and then dont want to be a GP i will really have to sign up for 18 years or not at all.

please help!
Confused and RAMC those two words are often found together
Not current or RAMC, but I have a feeling that RMOs positions will no longer be GDMOs positions but have to be GP trained

How this affects you I've no idea

Some one fully in the know here will put you straight

If this is a pile of nonsense, please disregard

Happy Monday
You are confused!! It matters not which specialty you think you want to do in the future. You will do 3 yrs student, F1 & F2, then 5-6 yrs return of service after that. This will (probably) include 12 months general duties - either alongside a RMO or in a med ctre after the EOC @ RMAS.
Then you begin either GP or ST, as will have been discussed by now. No requirements for signing for 18 yrs, unless you wish to stay on through ST until accreditation. If GP, you will qualify before your ROS is up.

Hope this is clearer. Quite frankly, with MMC, NHS etc, if you like green, then it's largely a win/win deal.
thanks singletrack thats made it much clearer. im definately going for it and since im doing lots of things to help me get it, im hopefully in with a good chance!
Join the Senior Service instead.

I had a medical cadetship in the RN, so feel free to PM me if you want to know more about the cadetship, how it works and the likely impact of MMC.
just interested Gas Monkey - how does junior Docs on ships work as far as clinical governence goes?I was unsure whether to go army or navy, but chose army in the end as from what I could see, it was hard enough to get to sea as a Doc, but the way things are going, if all GDMOs have to be supervised, then you'd never get to sea unless you wanted to be a GP, and then you'd go later when you're fully qualified. Just didn't see much point in joining, when you'd end up in a land base or NHS hosp till you're 30-odd.
Cheers, Cx
Wyvern, you've been given slightly duff information as the RN offers the only chance of getting out there and doing your job fairly soon after FY 1 and 2 and New Entry Officer Training and without being stuck in a Sickbay/Med Centre as an assistant RMO (or whatver they will be called). So, to answer your question...

RN GDMOs are still allowed to go to sea and practice independently without being qualified GPs. Essentially, you are under the supervision of your base port PMO. At least, that's the case for now!

I was lucky: I did two and a half years at sea and no shore jobs between Dartmouth and SHO posts.
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