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Discussion in 'Medals' started by zander, Nov 17, 2011.

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  1. hi everyone,
    i am wanting some help in clearing up a problem for my father in law,
    he was awarded the QCVS AND SAYS on this records that he got a certificate and 2 emblems large,
    also got 2 GOC 'S COMMENDATIONS don't know what he got,also on his accumulated campaign service medal record it says he has 7 clasp's 1 gold rosette and 2 slver rosette's ,what should he have and if any what medals should he have on and with what,
    hope some one can help,
    he has tried before to look into this but has got no further.
    thanks zander
  2. Ministry of Defence | Defence For... | Veterans | Medals | Contacting the Medal Office

    No thanks necessary. Google is your friend.
  3. We've got to stop this "being helpful" mullarky. It's ruining our rep.
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  4. The QCVS emblem goes on the medal ribbon (and the ribbon for when you are not wearing the medals) for the campaign medal for relevant campaign. If there is no relevant campaign, it goes on the uniform to the left of the last medal / ribbon. For common sense reasons, most tailors will mount a self-coloured (khaki for most of us, red for Guards, dark blue for RN or RHG/D) piece of cloth as an extra, most-junior "medal" and stick the emblem on that.

    ACSM - 7 clasps on the medal ribbon. When wearing just ribbons, 1 gold rosette (= 5 clasps) and 2 silver on the ribbon. Gold to the right, I think.

    Just glory for the GOC commendations.

    Left and right from his point of view - so right is inwards.
  5. hi everyone,
    many thanks for your quick reply,s,the gold and silver rosettes make sense now but sure he has not got them or lost more like,got an oak leaf emblem on his medal so that takes care of the QCVS,thaught it was a medal or something,
    he got these serving in n.ireland .
    many thanks for your help that will put his mind to rest [for a day]
  6. Any tailor or medal mounting outfit will have some in stock. You do get issue ones but they tend to end up on your uniform ... Anyway, if he's retired, he's unlikely ever to be wearing just ribbons, so you'll probably not need them.
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    Sounds like he was a busy man.
  8. cheers for that link just found info on my LS&GC :)
  9. And me ;-)
  10. And/Or Home Service
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    Still not my idea of a career! Sun travel and AT!
    Gongs and GOC's aren't or at least weren't given out with the mail!

    Some mornings its hardly worth chewing through the straps! Sent from my Blackberry!
  12. Just found my info on there as well. Didn't know I'd been in print, well apart from that time with the dwarf and the police dog!!
  13. I looked quite hard but couldn't find mine:(