Confused of Birmingham

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Pitster, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. I don't know if any of you have wandered down Broad Street in Brum recently but today I saw a new Army advertising poster campaign featuring a corporal wearing RRF beret and hackle, but the photo is annotated with his name and Mercian Regiment.

    So is this a huge blunder, or is he 4 MERCIAN, but badged RRF?
  2. I'll have a squizz later - which part of Broad Street is it on? Not my favourite place I must admit, thousands of chav slags! Gimme Hurst Street any day... :wink:
  3. Was there not a Company of RRF based at Barrow lane, Sheldon, Birmingham of the Old West Midlands Regiment.

    Edited: As I have been living under a rock for the last 12months I did not realize that the west mid regiment is now 4 Mercian!
  4. I was watching LOST where the Desmond character stops by an Army Recruiting Office in London. There was a poster for the Royal Scots in the window - a strange one considering its not their normal recruiting ground (unless they want all their wino's back! :p ).

    It also mentioned the word "honor" so obviousely the Septic producers of LOST didn't do any research - maybe they also did this poster?
  5. There are a couple of posters on Broad Street, one near Tesco at Fiveways Island, and another further down. I noticed another on Hill Street by that multi-storey where the taxis pull off to join the rank at New St station.

    It's possible the corporal in question is from a RRF company of 4 MERCIAN, but does that make him part of the Mercian regiment, or part of the RRF? I can't remember his name, but if he is a member here perhaps he could enlighten me?

    As far as Lost is concerned... well, we all know the opinion of Septic's on these hallowed pages.
  6. Fusy's and Rifles coys kept their lids when WMR went to 4 Mercian
  7. Aww the wonders of brumington.
  8. Just seen the poster on Station Street at the back of the Bullring and - what do you know - I actually served with the fella in question on Telic 7! They were still the West Midlands Regiment then with a mix of RRF, LI and WFR capbadges so I presume they kept their old capbadges after the change.
  9. Thanks Wedge. Well, that explains the mystery but I can't help thinking that some kind of protocol has been breached; He's not Mercian Regiment, he's RRF, so perhaps the poster should read 4th Battalion The Mercian Regiment (Volunteers) or similar.

    I'm sure neither the advertising agency or the MOD (or anyone else) really cares. Bothers me though.
  10. Recently the WMR changed to become 4 MERCIAN as most of the companies were CHESHIRE,STAFFORD or WFR however there was on LI company and one RRF. LI and RRF have been allowed to keep their capbadges and the fusiliers in 4 MERCIAN are now A (Fusilier) company 4 MERCIAN.

    No one knows how long this situation will continue but it seems likely that LI and RRF in the battalion will either join another TA battalion or re-badge.
  11. They were the old A Company of the WMR if memory serves me correct.
  12. Yeah they were and still are A company. Nothing's really changed in the battalion ORBAT except the name (at least for the LI and RRF)
  13. He's a Fusilier Corporal in A (Fusilier) Coy THE MERCIAN REGIMENT, formerly A Coy WMR and before that B Coy 5RRF.

    Full posters are on the Buses now as well Wedge, with Jim's handsome visage all over the shop. :D

  14. Says who? This was hammered out by the Army Board as part of FIS(TA) . I suspect that they have better things to do than to revisit this and no one below AB level has any authority to change the decision. Birmingham and Warwickshire are RRF country so there will not be any rebadging.