i am some what confused... im part way through my phase 1 training.. but i was wondering as a RLC driver am i atchually able to drive wagons on civvi roads or only military( im 17 year old ) also is there any real difference between R.E. rad op and RLC rad op.. apart from they do combat engineering..
You will be allowed to drive on roads whilst being paid to by the army, but not in civvy street should you leave until you are 21.
Don't know about any difference between rad ops except that RLC rad ops are a god like species and others........ aren't.

As for driving, as long as things haven't changed too much in the last few years you will be able to drive vehicles on your licence on the roads but you can only drive civillian HGVs after you turn 21. I may be wrong, it could have changed since I left.
I'm sure companies would not hire you until you are 25 and have had at least 2 years driving experience, due to insurance.

I think RE Rad Ops are on low pay band, (but wait to be corrected).
well read the thing i put on here about the rad op in RLC and see what responses i got and you do the same on sappers but and see what responses you get....

and yes you have to be 21 to drive wagans on civvi street

howz the training going mate? i start on 3rd december...
As for the 21 age limit isnt or wasnt there a young driver scheme many moons ago? And yes no one will touch you with a barge pole at least for a few years then you might get a job driving puddle jumpers or class 2
I got my HGV at 20, and started driving Civvy Agency work at 21. My first job was for ASDA Magna Park.

I had never driven an Artic before but was very fortunate to get chatting to a lad, ex engineer, and I confessed.

He took my outside showed me what to do, trailer on/trailer off etc and I was off.

Fucked up my reverse on the bay at the other end to the point someone had to do it for me. To save looking the knob on the way back I practised at a service station reversing.

Luckily the yard was empty when I got back and had loads of room to get it straight and in.

Got a job shunting awhile after, I fear no reverse now :)
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