confused about time/commitment

Hi, im new so i hope ive stuck this in the right place.

I'm thinking of joining the TA (interested in infantry) and was led to believe that most people attended one weeknight per week, and every other weekend. However when I looked on the website it says
By joining an Independent Unit you commit yourself to a minimum of 27 days training per year, including a weekly training evening, some weekends (typically once a month) and an annual two-week camp.
Are they just stating the minimum you should attend? On 'average' how many weekends per month do people attend the training weekends?

Thanks for any replies :D
It works out at about 6 weekends per year minimum, but you will find that your Sqn/Coy will have training on atleast twice a month if not more. It will be up to you how much you do. If you are keen and have plenty of time (no wife, girlfriend, friends, job etc) then you could do almost every weekend and courses during the week, but if you are normal then it will probably work out at around 45 days per year.

Ultimately if you enjoy the TA, you will probably want to do more and get ahead, which will require a greater commitment on your part. However initially, I would work on the one w/e per month and one evening per week.

Hope you enjoy it.
Hi, it can vary quite a lot, for instance before christmas last year i attended parade once a week and no exercises as was at work but so far this week i have been in every parade night and have been on every ex and course so have acctually been in every weekend since new year. So it can vary quite a lot. Hope this helps
hi, thanks for the quick replies

I'm sure i'll enjoy it, i've been on a look at life course and loved it :eek:

I do have a girlfriend, however I do also have (most) weekends free. Can you just turn up whenever you're free or do you have to let the unit know when you will be attending

cheers again, very helpful
You will probably have a list somewhere that you will be encouraged to indicate on if you are going to attend a particular w/e. This is needed so the Perm Staff can book the right amount of rations / radio batteries / book transport / beds etc.

A pretty quick way to lose your name is by then not then turning up. There is nothing worse that seeing that you have 45 coming in for an exercise, and so you plan accordingly, and then only 15 turn up on the night. (Its raining / Pop idols on telly / have a bone in my leg etc). Everyone has a life outside the TA, and that is understood. But if you say your going to be there, its a pretty good idea to actually be there.

Intitially, there will be prescribed w/es and they are scheduled at the beginning of each year. Once through your recruit training, things become more flexible and you will be able to pick when you want to turn up, although there will be w/es that are more important and you will find these 'sold' more.
Thanks for the info marabout
A pretty quick way to lose your name is by then not then turning up. There is nothing worse that seeing that you have 45 coming in for an exercise, and so you plan accordingly, and then only 15 turn up on the night
That sounds fair enough.

Out of interest, on the weeknight 'drill nights' what is done? is it literally just drill?

cheers mate you're being very helpful
I'm sure it depends what unit you are in, but normally the evening should start off with a Sqn/Coy Parade. nothing fancy, just checking whos there and giving any noticies out of whats going on that evening and over the next few weeks.

After that there will normally be 2x 45min lessons given by Officers/NCOs and will normallybe based on whatever role your unit has, but can also include all sorts of interesting things, eg what I did on my summer holidays in Normandy 1944 by an old boy from the unit etc. It all depends on how interesting your training team are and how much extra work they are willing to put in. Interesting training equals good retention.

Once that been done, you probably get a bit of time to sign up for future events, the Sgt Major has a few more words, then its 930pm so its upstairs to sign the pay sheet and have a beer in the bar and catch up with your mates etc.

As you can see, not much drill on a 'Drill night'. I suppose Training Evening is a better term.
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