Confused about the 1.5 mile run

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Mennox, Apr 29, 2007.

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  1. right...i measured 1.5 miles on Google Earth around near my house, and i done the run on Thursday gone in 14 mins 50 secs. I have double-checked this on Google Earth and it is definitely 1.5.

    I got a new treadmill on Friday, and i attempted 1.5 mile but in just over 13mins i had only done 0.7 mile and i was running same speed as i did on the run outside.

    I am really confused here, as by the settings on the treadmill it looks like ill have to really sprint, but outside i just need to jog at my pace

  2. ahh think i i may have sussed the problem...i just started walking on it and i was going at the same speed as i was when i was running.

    Then i realised that i was mostly running on my toes and that it wasnt picking up my proper speed
  3. actually it didnt work lol
  4. stick to road running, treadmills are for gays.

    seriously although good for cardio, the problem with treadmills is that they propell your feet backward, rather than you propelling yourself forward.
    Make sure you do plenty of road work in your training.

    Oh and by the way, treadmills are bloody expensive, are you joining the Cavalry as an occifer? :D
  5. I started off running on a treadmill could only do it in 12mins max, went out on the road did it in just over 11. The treadmill got me used to running again (not done any since I left high school in 1998) but since I did it faster on the road I wouldn't go back to a machine.

    The only thing I can think of for this is that with the treadmill it regulates your speed, on the road you can slow down and speed up at your own pace and not be trying to keep up with the machine.
  6. Dont forget to increase the gradient on a treadmill, I think a 2% gradient is equivlent to a normal run outside (ish!).

    Iif you have the gradient on 0% then you need to realise that this is just like running on the spot and you are not using your muscles to propel yourself forward.
  7. cheers guys

    i think ill keep to the road for the 1.5 mile run...and just use the treadmill to get my fitness up more, one thing it does for sure is make me sweat more haha.

    Also ive got the missus using it so she can shead some pounds herself muwhaha
  8. 14 and 12 minutes for a mile and a half! What did you do-walk round? Backwards!

    Seriously though, its better to run outside and off the pavement if u can. Running outside works different muscles as your legs/ankles etc have to stabalise and propell you on uneven ground, gradients and such like. So its harder and therefore you work harder.

    Hill reps, sprints, interval and fartlek training are very good for getting your mile and a half time down too.

    Good luck training guys!
  9. I find this as well. On the 1.5 miles im down to 11 minutes, but on the tread mill I cant beat 13. I think I might be as im around 6ft, and have to take small and quick steps as im worried about falling off the back to the tread mill where as on the track or road I can run properly.

    Edited for crap grammar.
  10. Hey try this site out for measuring distances for road running in you local area.

    Change the country and type in your town, you can then zoom right in click your starting position and then click on the roads to make your route. this will also give you the distance in miles or km. You can register free if you want to save your routes.

    Good luck to all.

    Holly :D

    Below example of a planned 1.5 route.

    Attached Files:

  11. Quality link Holly.. nice one for that.
  12. No problem Skywalker.


  13. I'm 6ft 2 and I dont have any trouble with treadmills. Just put it on an incline of at least 2 when you're running and you're pretty much there. I find the hill settings on treadmills quite handy, but dont bother just going for a stroll on 'manual' at 0 gradient for however long - thats for the cardio queens. If you can, get outside. its far less boring and a lot more satisfying when you finish! Just make sure that you have some decent trainers if you're pavement pounding or you might end up knackering your knees, trust me!!
  14. This is bollocks - you're running along relative to the belt. However, you don't get any air resistance, though doesn't sound like that would trouble the OP.

    Anyway I find I run quite a bit faster outside that I do on a treadmill. and it's waaaay less dull.
  15. I agree the 2% gradient is not to do with forward propulsion - if you didn't propel yourself forward, you'd soon be on the floor behind the treadmill. I always thought you needed some incline to make up for the "help" the treadmill gives you in its bounce - I always find running on a treadmill is easier than the road, because its softer and bouncier.

    Which is why I don't. Plus, like mentioned above, it's better to get used to the vagaries of the wind and road camber, etc. - the army's going to test you on the road, not a treadmill.