Confused about joining

First of all im in the process of joining up im heading for a look at life course on november 10th which i hope will help, during my recruitment my questions have only been half answered vague answers at that.

Iv been doing alot of research online and through talking to friends who are now civvies.

iv seen the show namely the undercover reporter about the bullying etc and from what i seen he hadnt much to go on, the army is i believe a tough job and disapline is key throughout the whole thing so if some wee shit is giving back chat and messing about with a weapon then they only deserve a good puch in the head for at the end of day thats the guy some poor soldier is going to be fighting along side at some stage of the game. HOWEVER i also believe there is bullying in the army on a daily basis and i just want to know what scale to? At the end of the day if i do join and a recruit like myself tries to give me a hard time i wouldnt havnt no bother telling them where to get of at, but if it was a person of authority i dont know how i would deal with this?.

Also there is the papers and news saying about all the men/woman leaving the army over mental issues and cos of the war. To my understanding there where men/ woman in the army for 10/ 15 years maybe longer training for a war that might happen then when it did they left the army cos of the risk on there life shoud they be sent out, i dont get this at all, surely everyone is well aware of what they are talking on joining the army?

Basically there is thousands of people leaving the army at the minute and they are clearly running from somthing and i just want to know a bit more about it so i know what im getting myself in for.

As much info as possible about the whole thing would be much appreciated.


If you are going on a Look at Life course, then your best bet is to ask the real soldiers that you will meet these questions.

If you use the search function you will find plenty of threads about bullying on here. You should base your judgements on what serving soldiers tell you to your face rather than base your opinions on talking to your civvy mates or the internet.

As far as people leaving - again you are chasing the media myth. Yes the Army is undermanned - it is (or rather was) difficult to recruit, and people are leaving. but not in the huge flood that the papers would have you believe, and the outflow rate is not much different in percentage terms than it has ever been. I am no fan of the professional spin doctors and politicians, but as a professional soldier I get really pi*sed off when people rubbish our organisation for the wrong reasons.

So don't go searching for your answers here. Turn up on the 10th, enjoy your time, ask what you want, and then make a decision.

Alternatively, if you are a journo looking for another story, you missed the boat - the BBC had their go a couple of weeks back and now look pretty stupid.
lol no definately not a jurno as you out it, i didnt get my information from my civvie mates it was from my boss who was in the army for 10 years doing aviation or somthing he called it and from a friend of a friend who served for 15 years. As for my information on the soldiers leaving the army i got that from the sgt at the palace barracks, holywood, belfast a few weeks ago when i went for selection he said quote "there are thousands of people signing up to the army but there are also 1000's leaving at the other end so the balance stays the same", however i failed my selection as i was 30 secs over my run time :( im not probing for information im just lookin for a better understanding, as my new selection date it the 27th november :D and i want to make sure i have all the information i need because i dont think joining the army is a decision to be made lightly, i dont want to waste my own time as much as i dont want to watse the money of the army training me for something i wasnt clued up enough to understand.
Thank you for your opinion all the same.
Rule One: Do Not under any circumstances believe everything the BBC reports. Their definition of bullying is somewhat suspect.

Rule Two: Use commas, miss lines between paragraphs and trim unnecessary words from your posts to make them easier to read.

Rule Three: Learn to recognise good advice when you see it. Chimera's post, for instance...
Ditto what B_Z and chimera posted. Just go with an open mind and above all enjoy it FFS. It is not a life for everyone and the non-hackers are soon found out.
yes i have been told the best thing for me to do is to leave my brains at home and when someone says jump i say how high! im ok with that.

Im even preparing for months ahead the sgt at the selection centre said the bed have to be made with 90degree hospital corners iv even started practicing things like that and i have to say im quite good at them.

i think if i focus on all the small thing like how to iron right, how to make beds and shine shoes, do what im told when im told it will make the inital training that little bit earier for me.

I know there is goin to be "character building" as they call it, when no matter how much effort you put in and how good your doing they are still going to tell me im shit etc. Im trying to get mentally prepared for all this.

I have to keep in the back of my mind that its all to make me a good soldier.


Again I say don't listen to everything that you are told. Don't "..leave your brain at home..". You will need you brain; soldiers are not mindless morons (although some might work very hard to give that impression), but you WILL be required to think for yourself. If you are successful you will find yourself in a team where events around you may require YOU to make decisons or take actions that will affect the lives of others.

Chimera is spot on when he tells you not to listen to everything you are told, of course the trick is sifting the good information from the bad - for a start don't worry about hospital corners, that is the minutiae of detail and is irrelevant at this stage.

Remember these three things and you won’t go far wrong:

1. Remain positive and maintain the ability to see the funny side of whatever situation you are in. Attitude is the key.

2. NEVER leave your brain at home - you have a brain, use it wisely.

3. Nobody, and I mean nobody, is ever told in basic training on their first day "wow, you are brilliant, you have turned up as the finished article - no need for training for you just come back on the day of pass off parade and we'll take it from there". Just do your best, and try your hardest at everything from PT to block jobs.

Very true about trying to work out who is giving good advise and who hasnt a clue.

Im looking forward to this week away on the engineer look at life, i guess ill get alot of info there, i think i need to relax a little :roll:

Thanks for the advise Alf
id just like to put my 2 pennys in on the bullying front as a civvy!

there are some proper ********* in britain, and if i was put face to face with some of them, i think it would be pretty hard NOT to punch some of them right in the skull on the news we never got a character profile of any of these victims, but im willing to bet some of them deserved it
Easy tiger, step away from the claw hammer!

Its not about deserving a kicking sunshine its about respect regardless of ******** status. Your not judge and jury of how others should live and act.

We all upset others time to time and I'm sure you have your own collection of ******** badges from others too.
well you have definately got a strong opinion on that yes. I always think...

If i give someone respect - i expect it back.

If i give someone respect and they disrespect me....well yes i would think to myself "here iv done the training and i got through it without giving anyone this lip".. so yes maybe a good slap will let him know this isnt the kinda place for his narrow minded ego thinking he is it.
oscar7 said:
well you have definately got a strong opinion on that yes. I always think...

If i give someone respect - i expect it back.

If i give someone respect and they disrespect me....well yes i would think to myself "here iv done the training and i got through it without giving anyone this lip".. so yes maybe a good slap will let him know this isnt the kinda place for his narrow minded ego thinking he is it.
Why does your post bring to mind a bunch of chavs shouting "Are you dissing me bruv?" in the street.

Deflate the ego and leave that where you were planning to leave your brain. You will certainly have to treat some people with respect which may not be reciprocated; grow up and accept it. Passing basic does not mean everyone instantly has to treat you like some sort of demi-god; everyone's been there, remember.

You ain't it yet either....
Bloody hell you are very defencive arnt you.

i was putting myself in the shoes of the person training the new recruits not a recruit wanting to slap the person training.....

thats a terrible attitude
If the way you talk to people and attack peoples opinions is anything like the way we will be treated when we go to training then im sure ill be able to handle myself. :D
The media tear the arrse out of any possible bullying story (esp. the BBC); certainly I've rarely seen anything I'd refer to a bullying (and each time it's been swiftly dealt with).

Stay switched on and I'm sure you'll do fine.

(edited for making no sense :oops: )

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