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As the title may suggest I am confused about joining, and the Army Website isn't helpful, so I thought more knowledgful minds might be useful. If I want to join the Army as a Para, or RMP for example, how do I do it? Do I just start my application to join one of them, or do I decide once i'm in?
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Your first port of call should be your local Careers Office. They will speak to you about your motivations for joining and book you in for a BARB Test. Your score on this test (alongside other formal qualifications you hold) will give you a list of trades that you're eligible for employment in.

It's at this point that you will make your shortlist of chosen trades, and potentially have to undergo further tests dependant upon those choices.

Good luck - get down the Careers Office.
As above, speak to teh Army Careers Information Office.

They can talk to you, assess your capabilties and tell you what you can go for... once you have your list of what you can go for, they can tell you about each job. You pick which one you want to do.

All you need at this stage is an inkliing that you may enjoy the Army.
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