confused 2 wats happening

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im just wondering if any1 can help me?

my sons father has joined up 2 the army and has his 2 days trainging at pirbright on the 4th of june, can any 1 tell me if this means that he has got in2 the army? and how long would it be till he went off 2 do his 14 week training?
Sorry that made me burst out laughing.

So, you are wife, ex-wife. The 2 days away will be the selection, he will know if he has been accepted to go to Basic Training into the Army at the end of it. He isnt in yet.
theres your answer then:

he is joining the army as he is unemployed and has a trade which may be useful for the army.
Or is it the fact you want a start date so you can see the CSA come rolling back in.
Does seem strange your not asking him all these questions??
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