Confrontation, the War with Indonesia 1962-1966

I noticed one of our LCpls reading this promisingly titled book by Nick Van Der Bijl; Confrontation, the War with Indonesia 1962-6

Being a sentimental old Green Jacket (the whole Green Jacket Brigade had served there throughout the conflict), I borrowed it off him hoping to read more about an extremely under-publicised campaign. It does give a very good overview of the campaign with a decent account of the political situation in both Malaysia and Indonesia that provides an important context to what happened jungles along the Kalimantan border.

There isn't much in the way of detail of the day to day patrolling that was the stock of the Infantryman's war there, although some of the larger operations are covered. You just don't get any real sense of what it must have been like to soldier there. Worse yet, there are a number of factual errors concerning times, units and places.

All that said and done, it does go quite some way to shine a little more light on a war that deserves to better known both in the Army and amongst the public at large.
According to a book review by a Mr Ray Faull page 108 of the Autumn 2008 issue of the British Army Review, "the book should not be considered as a serious historical record but should not be dismissed as irrelevant. It is worth reading".

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