Conflicts of Interest at National Army Museum - Anyone been?


Just wondered if anyone has been to the Conflicts of Interest Exhibition at the National Army Museum, it is the re-furbished modern army gallery. If so I would be glad to hear your thoughts on it as I am doing some research on it and other exhibitions covering recent conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I'm looking at how museums cover more current issues, and how they use real testemonies from returning soldiers to tell the stories of the conflict to visitors. At one point oral histories were mainly concentrated on WW1 and WW2 veterans but with more and more books published - such as Hugh McManners Gulf War 1 and many others there is much more work being done on recording memories from recent conflict.

If anyone has any comments on 'Conflicts of Interest' or the earlier 'Helmand' I would be glad to hear them, or any thoughts generally on recording more recent oral history including the postives and negatives. If anyone is particularly interested in this please feel welcome to PM me, just didn't want to clog up the message board.