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Conflict overstretch - or the start of WW3?

Not funny!

Were doomed
Fcuking Bush, does he think the North Koreans are yanking his chain? This is what happens, when you cut off an oil supply, so you look big and hard.

Watch Saddam put up a fight now.....



"It was the opinion of the responsible officials of the Government, including the highest military and naval authorities, that adoption and application of a policy of imposing embargoes upon strategic exports to Japan would be attended with serious risk of retaliatory action of a character likely to lead to this country's becoming involved in war"

Result .... Pearl Harbor !........Will history repeat itself?


The biggest worry is a scrap with China surely, and the North Korea thing will be seen there as in their back yard. So maybe WW3 isn't so far off.


i know a guy who worked in the People's Republic for a NGO - he also showed me some of the photo's he took.

The place was designed with goats in mind - think Wales but hotter in the summer colder in winter.  The mountains are a lot higher and steeper.

If you think you are being deployed invest in a SAS style get fit course or arrange with a mate to shoot you in the foot.  

Oh and don't even think about being captured - one of my dad's cousins got caught with the Gloucesters on the Imjin - he said it put his 4 years in a German POW camp right up there with a luxury holiday.


Don't worry to much bout the NK and Chinese.  There may be lots of them, but their air force couldn't take Taiwan!  It's all bluster to get favourable terms for food aid etc

Although the tube from Austin does worry me a little  :-/


Things are getting ............"interesting" !


North Korea has threatened to abandon the 1953 Korean War armistice if a naval blockade or other sanctions are imposed because of its suspected nuclear weapons programme.

It is now demanding a non-aggression pact with the United States.

And Washington wants talks to press Pyongyang to halt its suspected atomic programme.

The possibility of United Nations sanctions emerged last week when the nuclear watchdog declared Pyongyang in breach of atomic safeguards and referred the issue to the Security Council.

The UN nuclear agency says its members had no plan to push for sanctions - which are opposed by North Korea's allies Russia and China, as well as by South Korea.

The stand-off over North Korea's suspected nuclear programme has been simmering since mid-October.

Washington said Pyongyang had admitted to pursuing a programme to enrich uranium in violation of major international treaty commitments.

Earlier South Korean President Kim Dae-jung, who retires next week, said the nuclear crisis had forced him to consider all security threats to South Korea.,,30000-12249313,00.html

Or you can try the BBC


War Hero
Woff1965 - the Gloucesters were captured by the Chinese.

Not trying to be funny, but apparently the Chinese treated prisoners a fair bit better than the North Koreans did.

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