Conflict Management Trainer..

Due to the current economic climate , im currently doing my PTLLS cse (got me micro teach on friday 8O 8O ) hopefully after succsesful completion i will then be going on the 1886? conflict management cse.

Bottom line is i wish to pursue a career in this line of training , i live in the North west but i would consider delivering anywere in UK within reason .
As i am going to be doing this in a freelanceing capacity, ive also got an intervew/chat with a buisness link advisor for a few pointers on my stratgie , though i would appreciate any adivice on this from anyone who is currently working in this field .

It is a huge field with lots of experienced players, and unless you are known or have very good contacts then you will struggle, the prices of the courses you will want to deliver have tumbled with some trainers working for less than £100 a day teaching 20 students.
Advice, try to find a very good training company and work for them
I am a conflict manager....

Well, I am pretty good at being Section Commander.....
It is new speak. For calling in rowing employees, banging their heads together and telling them that "anymore of that nonsense and you'll both be picking up P45s". More expensive too.

Course you can't do that anymore with our "sensitive" workforce, who will try to sue you for terminal hurty feely feelings or something

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