Conflict in Iraq: The sniper who shoots on video

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by GuyT, Nov 9, 2006.

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  1. The legend of Juba has been doing the rounds for well over a year if my memory serves.

    A mystical aura has built around 'his' ability to get into position, conceal himself and choose his targets wisely, then vanish into thin air, only to resurface days later for another attack.

    After much analysis, it was reported that rather than one 'super-sniper' it was the work of a number of individuals who chose their targets well.

    Needless to say, the USMC borught in their own sharp shooters, and 'Juma' suddenly got cold feet.

    Yet another urban legend. :D
  2. I see. Looks like the Independent journalists didn't do their research properly then.

    Incredible kill rate of that Finish sniper - if true:

    "Simo Hayha

    Almost unknown outside his home country, Finland, he is perhaps the most successful sniper of all time. A master of concealment, Hayha managed to kill 505 Russians in 100 days during the Winter War with Russia in 1940."
  3. errrr, why?

    the fact is, it doesn't matter whether he exists or not, i personally don't think he does. but the people who are against the coalition forces will, because they want to.

    it's a propaganda tool, whether it's a lie or not, the effects are the same.
  5. Of course - I'm in agreement with you on that. Propaganda is a powerful tool.
  6. A video of a sniper team operating in Baghdad was supplied to CNN and widely shown in the US several weeks ago.

    Whether it is one or more snipers is not clear or whether this is Juba is not clear from the footage. Having watched the video it is clear that he/they may operate from a car. Worse they are able to move freely around the city and prabably have a second vehicle filming the kills.

    I think that the footage showed about 10 kills, and since that report was aired atleast one more US serviceman has been killed by Sniper fire in the Baghdad area.
  7. I don't understand why you all so dislike our friend Gentleman. He provided us with a valuable information. Like you it or not it is a reality. Or maybe you prefer to hide your heads in the sand and to get a bullet in your arrses?

    Another thing puzzles me. Why usage of sniper rifles is not so widespead in Iraq? In Chechnya the rebels used sniper rifles everywhere. Colonel Budanov (sentenced to 10 years) killed Chechen young woman after discovering a photo where she posed with a sniper rifle. Previous day 2 his soldiers were killed by sniper fire.

    Late Chechen president (former colonel) Maskhadov invented so called Maskhadovs troyka's: RPG-gunner, a fighter with a machine-gun and a sniper. The first hit is made by RPG-gunner, then machine-gunner covers his retreat. At last a sniper covers their common retreat. The tacktics appeared very effective. Btw, Iraqi insurgents rarely (if ever) use anti-tank missiles
  8. Sergey , it's not the fact that Gentleman is 'providing information'. It's the unmistakeable 'gloating' tone of the posts.

    That is what has everyone arcing and sparking.

    If he was an Iraqi (He's not) and wanted to strenuously point out he wanted Coalition Forces out of his country, he'd get an audience, and we could get a better insight into how the other team thinks. He is not.

    It's like a Chechen gloating about Russian KIA.
  9. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Right on! :twisted:
  10. I always rely on your opinion on these matters PTP, so let it be this way. Indeed 'gloating' tone is unacceptable there. I sincerely hope that Gentleman would be so kind to change his tone because the theme itself is worth to be discussed.

    In this context I recall a thread

    But how many ordinaty innocent Iraqis were killed by the UNIT? And have Iraqis the right to act the same way?

    Btw, there is a allegation that mr.Litvinenko was killed by Russian secret services. As we see killings arranged by British secret service in a reality, confirmed with details.
  11. Bugger, we could have really had some fun with a jihadi wannabe.
  12. Refresh my memory someone - what is the intention behind sniping? Cause fright amongst opposing side. No one is beyond him.
    Seems to be working for them.
  13. Thank you KGB...I'm not Jihadi wanna be or Binladen's son in law guys..
    I'm just someone who spent a very long time browsing the internet searching for what ppl think or say about the war after I saw one of the Mujahidenn(Jihadists) propaganda vedios....I was surprised how ppl can really kill and hate eachothers....I tried to searh deeper to get close to the truth and the only truth I found that each side of this conflict is in another different planet...And yes these are reality, even if we refused it, it'll still reality for thousands of young men and women involved there,so we better start talking about what to do instead of what goes wrong.
    I managed to get some Arab friends online who helped me through thier sites to see and translate what they say and publish about the war...While you talk here about some political situations ,stupid leaders and some kinda never existed middle east, the other side is talking about a very dangerous clutural misunderstand materials for your politics.

    I can be usefull to you with all the data I collected among the years of war from the other side.....I'm sure we can get a clear view about them and (WHY DO THEY HATE US?)..

    Admins suspended my account the last time ..I hope they dont do that again at least untill members give their openion about this...And I promise I wont put any more links for the operations in Iraq if it bothers you....And if anyone needed a visual data about it I'll pm it to him .

    About this KGB you may need to know that Saddam's army left a big collectoin of weapons for the militia to use...And the sniper rifles are well used as much as we heard but Iraqis uses more tactics specially the land mines(explosive charges) which causes over 70% of casualties their according to ABC news....Also RBJ launchers and shelling bases with Mortars and rockets are widley used there...
  14. Plus they get their sniper weapons off the Americans, a four man sniper team was overrun and all their equipment taken, i think a couple of Barrets were the main weapons taken along with night goggles, and some other sensitive equipment.