Conflict at Work - Advice appreciated

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Macks, Aug 28, 2007.

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  1. Having now graduated, entered working life (it's shite), and mostly left the OTC behind, I now find myself wanting to throw one of my colleagues out of the window, for reasons I shall now explain.

    To give the background story, back in the good old OTC days, young Macks was going through the rigours of MTQ2, overseen by a JUO that can only be described as grossly incompetent. Not a big deal, it's only the OTC after all.
    I then stayed on to complete Mod 3 (unable to complete due to personal reasons - starting again in November). He/She/It transferred out after much deliberation about whether or not it could be arsed to actually do some work, to go to an RE Unit as a Sapper.

    All good so far, until the stupid d1ck turns up at work. Upon my polite enquiries as to what the fcuk it was doing here, it turns out it's got a job working pretty much next to me.
    Now, the problem is that I can't stand the idiot, because it insists on treating me with the JUO/OCdt relationship, despite the fact that I am its senior in the job, and the OTC is now a world away.

    Obviously, there's nowt I can do from a TA point of view (and why would I?), but I'm just wondering whether anyone's been in a vaguely similar situation, and how they handled it?
    I've done the "quiet word with it/boss/etc." and now find myself wanting to strangle it/myself.
    To be honest, it's making this job a misery, as I genuinely find myself struggling to face the creature on a daily basis, being the back-stabbing, useless tool it is.
    Re-reading this, I realise it's got very little to do with the TA at all, but my co-workers are useless, and as I say, the boss can't/won't do anything.

    Or am I being the pathetic tool in this picture?
  2. Knock him down, and bum him till he begs for mercy.

    You've got to show him who's in charge.

    Let us know how you get on.
  3. Macks, are you a man?
  4. Screw him/it/she but do it by the book

    attitiude etc keep notes of any infringement crap performance etc

    there will be a procedure read it and use it

    failing that hit him over the head with a desk
  5. Just keep asking him to make you brews, do the photocopying/shredding/filing etc. He'll soon get the message.
  6. I could lend you Louise, my favourite axe....
  7. A knee in the nads gets the point across pithily ...........
  8. Just toe the line. Start every morning with an OGp. When he/she/it wants to make a comment, the phrase "Get your heels together!" springs to mind.

    It shouldn't be long before the military attitude begins to cool.
  9. Yes.
    Point taken.
  10. Do have a supervisory relationship with this person?

    If so, use the systems in the job. Keep a close eye on performance, make sure you keep a careful record of everything, especially any disagreements. Avoid confrontation or back biting. If you are reporting on their work be objective and provide evidence.

    And if all else fails; yup a kick in the nads!
  11. Ok then, use the tools you have readily at your disposal. Befriend the offending person. I mean go on a real charm offensive. Offer to make it coffee, tea, get biscuits for coffee break etc.

    And c0ck rim the lot.
  12. You've done the quiet word bit and it didn't work. Now try the extremely vocal bit that everyone hears and make the tool look like a complete cnut in front of everyone. The boss might want a word with you about it, don't miss him and hit the wall, give it to him straight, tell him the guy/it/she is a fcukin' knobber and you're not happy working with it.
  13. Now, the problem is that I can't stand the idiot, because it insists on treating me with the JUO/OCdt relationship, despite the fact that I am its senior in the job, and the OTC is now a world away. Macks.

    You've provided your own answer. Why should your boss/co-workers/TA
    deal with this. Tell Him to his face next time he takes the piss. (you did say you're a man after all).
  14. erm, are you the same person?
  15. In your loudest voice address the offender so that the entire workplace can hear and inform them that you wish them to stop sexually harassing you and that you have no wish to discover the joys of um bongo.