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Hi Everyone,

I have recently passed Briefing, however, I have now been told that in order to do Main Board I need a regiment to sponsor me otherwise known as a confirmed cadet. I have emailed a few regiments which said that they do not offer this anymore and the two cap badges that do said they need me to do Main Board. Capita can't put me through to Main Board unless I get this. Just thredders as it is a bit of a piss take to get this far to only now being told that I need this to even get onto Main Board!

Just wondering if anyone has any advice on this or any regiments who offer this prior to Main Board or what exactly I should do here? I have been told that it is because I am 30 now. Would it be possible to complete Main Board as a Reservist and then switch to Regular and go around the system that way?

Try the RLC, no I'm not taking the piss. You do not make final decisions till you are at Sandhurst anyway and there is plenty of movement and inter-regimental poaching of cadets at Sandhurst.

That is all I can offer so please no long winded exchanges.

Brotherton Lad

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I'd say you are maybe too late. However, age waivers are available; I've seen a 34 year old OCdt at RMAS recently (and a few others at 30 or over) but that individual had a particularly attractive skill-set. I suggest you try appealing to your CSM or find a cap-badge which will offer a confirmed place (you've already discovered that not all do and officer recruiting is currently doing very well).

Good luck.
If you choose the reserve option you will need to; meet a unit, get an assessment centre done (as you would enter as a soldier), attest then you will be given the opportunity to book the main board. It would take a lot of time before you get back on track! Unless you have a delay, I would advice you pursue another route as much as possible.

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