Confirmation on a Walt (Without Prejudice)

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by GeoffreyBarrack, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. From observing this site I note labelling an individual as a Walt can draw ire from certain quarters therefore I shall qualify this post, in the first instance, by stating that the individual concerned was, for a fact, in Bastion in the last two years running a NAAFI or equivilent as a Civvy contractor.

    He sports, as he is entitled to, campaign medals as he, for a fact, was in country for the qualifying time. He also did some voluntary work whilst he was out there in a hospital which I don't doubt. What gets on my nerves is that this chap claims to have gone on patrol " outside the wire".

    Now, whilst I admire the testicular fortitude of anyone who goes out there, and in particular a civilian shop keeper, I cannot abide a bullshitter. This gent does carry the Queens (type b) but was there as a civvy, is there any way in hell that this guy is telling truth. If a name is required you can PM me.
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  3. This guy claims to have been outside the wire, never served a day in his life.
  4. For the slow witted amongst us?
  5. you just said he was there? Whats your problem?
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  7. Grant was 2 Para
  8. No issue with that he was there, the tales of daring do, a civvy (contractor) on patrol outside bastion, do you not see something wrong with that?
  9. Are you Timmy, or perhaps Martin Hall (of City Jet) or another one of the MWHC mongs? Join date Mar 2012. Who cares if someone claims to have walked outside the wire. Have you?

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  10. Nope. Who gives a shit. Its not walting. Maybe you want to out me - I was once an "Emmerdale storyboarder" in Ripon. Oh, and my name was "Sue" (or something) in a pub in Chattenden.

    Bye bye
  11. Yes. It is "tales of derring-do".

    A "Daring Do" is attending a party at Jarrod's wearing tight Levis.
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  12. Heres a selection of asda student shelf stackers, just for you.
  13. I apologise that my use of the English language causes you upset, no I never did walk outside the wire caught my crotch on it before I could.
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