Confirmation of two operational HALO jumps by the French SF


RAIDS magazine has confirmed that the French SF did an operational jump over the airfield of the city of Birao in the Central African Republic during the night of the 6th of March 2007.

58 operators belonging to the 1er RPIMa, the Commando Hubert (Navy SF) and CPA10 (Air Force SF) jumped from a height of 12,000 feet in order to clear the airfield before a parachute company was airlanded there.

Previously, ten pathfinders from the 3°RPIMa had done an HALO insertion into the Birao city in order to reinforce another HALO team from the 17°RGP (airborne engineers) which had been advizing the local army in their fight against Sudan-based rebels. This team had been directly attacked by those rebels; they called Mirage F1s on them and several of their vehicles were destroyed.

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