Confirmation Commission - Definitive Answer.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SilverBullet, Jun 16, 2006.

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  1. All...

    Here it is, paraphrased but more or less straight from the horses mouth.

    A DIN was recently sent to all units outlining the changes being made to the confirmation process. That DIN contained the various annexes units are required to complete in order to obtain confirmation of commission for their Subbies.

    In order to be confirmed a 2Lt MUST complete both their STA course and all Mod 5 w/e's. The information is entered into TAFMIS (?) once each w/e is complete. In or around the twelfth month (subject to your unit CO's preference) your CO will complete one of the annexes (Annex A I believe), and send this to RMAS. THe TA Cell will check to confirm all the relevant courses have been completed and will then write to MCM Div on behalf of the Camp Comdt to request your commission be confirmed.

    MCM Div will then write to notify your unit, and your CO can then use their discretion to promote you as they see fit.

    Regardless of what TA Regs say the rules regarding the length of time in post are subject to your CO's discretion... if they want you to be promoted after 12 months then that's what will happen.

    Those concerned about whether their units have filled out the right Annex should check with their Adjt/Ops Maj, or cross their fingers and hope for the best.

    Remember - don't shoot the messenger... this info is from a conversation with someone very well placed to know what's going down with TA Officer confirmation... No doubt some will tell tales of not having done any courses and getting promoted... to those I'd say keep your head-down, you'll no doubt wind-up those less fortunate who've ticked all the boxes but have an unsympathetic Adjt/CO.

    Hope that helps those past/present and future.
  2. HAC and SAS do stand aside, but I guess that most HAC and SAS people know that anyway. Thanks for pointing it out (again) to those of us not fortunate enough to a) own half of Berkshire and b) be considered 'Nails' by our Walt mates. :)

    Incidentally, in each case (ref: HAC and SAS) it is the CO who recommends you for commission therefore my point is extant.
  3. as with any rules/regulations/laws from time to time changes have to be made.

    Rather than continually issue amendments, changes are published by means of DIN and other documents and then swept up in one issue of amendments.

    the answer is yes unless the rules change...
  4. Do you happen to have an electronic copy of the DCI? Or is it available on ArmyNet? What number is it?
    I'd like to be able to quote chapter and verse to my Adjt on this...