Confirm or Deny?

which one of the stories?
That does not suprise me in the slightest :)
I've heard that same story told by the same RCMP Sgt on every tour to Wainwright. Only thing is the individuals unit changes with every telling of it. Still a good story though.
Could be improved by enhancing the end result i.e the young tom, gunner, sapper whatever, gets trampled to death by Earl (biggest bison in the pasture) after been gored through the throat first. Climax is Earl casually grazing with 30ft of entrails hanging from his horns.
Nice ending DB , can we change the Gnr at the start to the BSM?

It may have encouraged him to keep his hands to himself and avoid his mouth writing cheques that his body cant cash!!

Wonder if Tracy is still having her Jacuzzi parties?
Not Tracy of the hod carrying physique? Entertainer extrordinaire of entire battlegroups?
How we laughed as we watched her taking it in her back doors, blisfully unaware that her mum was also watching whilst been taken brutally from behind by another of the blokes!
Ahhh.......fond memories.
I missed that bit of action , But saw her years later in the Traf strutting her stuff carrying 2x axminsters , Was sure she also batted for the other side!

Earl and Tracy thats all that Wainright had to offer although the Octoberfest was well attended by the blokes who mixed well or should I say mixed it well with the locals!!
Not as well attended as the MRS the following morning!

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