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Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by Blues_Cav, Jan 18, 2007.

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  1. I am a Warrant officer running a team of 6, 2 other WO’s and 4 CSgt’s. Their confidentials are now well overdue. Our OC only gets to see me about once a week and has met the team only twice in the last 12 months. I have sat down with him and gone over the reports for each one in detail. Last year my team all were graded O or A. They have been in this present post for between 5 & 6 years (yes it is LSL) so they are all outstanding SNCO’s.

    The OC has written very good reports, but the SO1 has told him to rewrite them and change the grades (the SO1 has met my team once). He has also directed that the OC only gives out 2 A’s and the rest B.

    Has the reporting system changed? Are we now on some kind of quota system? Or is it still supposed to be a fair assessment of the individual?

    Any comments please.

  2. Yep.

    Sorry for the short responce but that is the long and short of it.
  3. As I recall there was a book titled - The MS Guide to CR Writing. Is this still in use? Are you able to get hold of one? If so then have a read and use this as the basis to confirm the reports written.
  4. Just checked ArmyNet and it is in the Library Section.
  5. The content of the reports cover all the key areas as indicated by the guide. It is the issue of being told to re write them or dumb them down to justify the lower grade. My team have earned the A grades why should they be down graded?
  6. In my humble opinion they should not be "dumbed down" to reflect a "required lower grading" That is why I suggested the MS Guide because if individuals are meeting the required standards then how can they be marked down?

  7. Because if they are LSL, they will not be elligable for promotion so the SO1 may see it as a 'waste' of grades. Hence the quota. Not fair I know.
  8. Officers are duty bound to grade and shade people. That is to say, divvy his soldiers in every rank in his unit up in to thirds, top, middle and bottom and state on the CR which cohort he falls into. This will be based on everything the individuals do (their job being but one part). This shading and qualifying statements such as 'CSgt X is the best CSgt across all trades and disciplines in my unit' is what separates the best from the purely good and is essential for a promotion board to select those for promotion. The CR should also give a solid sentence specifying the potential of the individual ie 'Csgt X ss a must for Warrant Officer and has clear commissioning potential'.

    Gents, if I may be so bold as to say it is highly unlikely that all six blokes in your small team are that mega and to be fair being on the LSL does somewhat hamper your potential, it is very unrealistic for even the top guy to be rated above an A grade.

    If you wish to have your efforts acknowledged - perhaps encourage your boss to write you up for a citation if it is deserved but the CR is not the place to do it.

    Just a few sage pointers that frankly your boss should be delivering to you.
  9. There is a move to stop the trend of overgrading and a lot of organisations have an unofficial quota of top grades. However if you believe someone really is an'O' grade then read the MCM definition of gradings and if they warrant it then your OC should push for the grade, if the SO1 disagrees then will have to say so on the report. But are they really outstanding or just very good at their job having been doing it for so long? Although the grade is obviously important the key is the pen picture.
  10. But can't LSL now go for higher rank posts - effectively be promoted? We have just recently a WO2 LSL posted into a WO1 slot and be promoted to WO1.
  11. They have now introduced promotion in the LSL. My team last year were all graded O for one of the WO and A for the rest. I am very aware of the problems in the past of over grading and how it can devalue the reporting chain but my team are without any doubt all worth the same or higher. If the SO1 now drops the grades he has written off their chance of promotion on the next board.
  12. Thank you all for your comments and advice.
  13. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Yes but do they match what they must acheive to get an A grade as per the grading scheme? Are the O grades truly outstanding in everything they do? Are they ready for rank two above where they are now? That is what you are saying if you grade them as such. They are a rare breed.

    Put in a pecking order and write them up coming from a "very strong peer group". The text of the CR need not change much. People understand that there are only so many A's to hand out these days and read the write up carefully. You will influence any board by writing them up strongly but without hyperbole.

    As an example of a step towards more realistic grading the AGC (all branchs) are in particular good at it these days as they are mercilessly hard on it. I had a Cpl who was frankly the most competant I had seen in years from them as a coy clerk. After discussion she got a B which was the second highest grade any AGC Cpl or Sgt got from the det. There was one "A". If you are doing your job ok and up to the mark in your rank, you get a "C" as per the grading instructions!

    Have fun.
  14. To give you an idea, both my WO have had the tick in the box for LE for a number of years. One was an RQ in an infantry Battalion the other the CSM at ITC. Both were strong contender for RSM. One recently got the MBE. These are not just good WO they are Outstanding and deserve the grade.
  15. BC,

    I'll draw an analogy to try and bring to life some of the previous posts.

    In the old days of JSCSC, and probably continued into ICSC, the 140 officers were assessed in 3 'grades', these being 'above average', 'average' and 'below average'. Out of these 3 grades only 5/6 officers would be graded 'above average' and a handful more 'below average'. The rest would be placed in the 'average' grade and then shaded as 'high/med/low average.

    Now within this middle band there were a lot of good guys but they weren't the best and were graded accordingly. The top grades were reserved for those who were felt to be truly outstanding and had a lot of stretch potential.

    The lesson from this is that you might have some really good guys but are they really the best? I would suggest you grade your guys on the basis outlined above using the MS Guide, and your judgement, to sort the best from the mere excellent.

    Good luck