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Discussion in 'RLC' started by General Melchett, Dec 2, 2005.

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  1. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Two areas to discuss here.

    Those of you who receive the CR - Is it a true and accurate reflection or a work of fiction?

    Those of you who write the CR - Is it a work of fiction or a true and accurate reflection?

    Your thoughts, gripes, stories, whines and whinges so we can all ridicule you in public.
  2. I have this SSgt who works in my office. What a top bloke. I wish I was just like him instead of welsh and ginger.
  3. The key to CRs in my humble opinion is this....firstly keep it short sharp and punchy, less is more on this one and the current work ethos doesnt allow a board to read for hours its fast and furious. I rarely find it fiction, it is over egged but the qualities have to exist to be padded slightly.

    Secondly everyone worries about the grade "oh I got a 'A' Y this year" etc. Truth and fact the board dont care about the grade its all in the write up , I long for the day when I hear soldiers commenting on the written content rather than the grade, it takes 2 seconds to write the grade but can take hours to craft the write up. If anyone from MCM / MS world is listening please sack the grades they are pants and everyone over trumps them.

    CRs....Well theres no better way of doing buisness Its a well oiled slick and fair process.
  4. Spot on PG. In the early 80's (1980's before anyone attempts humour), the boxes on page 2 were allocated a score all of which was totalled up and appeared in a box at the top right of the page. It became a p1ssing contest on who got the highest score rather than the content of the pen pictures. This kept some of the dimmer soldiers happy as the score mattered more to them than the pen picture; but those with the better written pen pictures were always the ones promoted first despite a lower 'score'. It was much the same situation as now with regard to grades - let's get rid and concentrate on what matters - the pen pictures.

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  5. So is it true that the last paragraph on Pt 2 carries the most weight?
  6. Yes it is thisway up

    The time that board members get to read CRs often means that they start with the last paragraph first, and sometimes only that paragraph of each of the CRs in the book. Don't forget with Pte rank CRs, part one has been written (in the main) by a relatively junior officer probably in their first tour. Part two at least by a capt or the OC. Now, which would carry the most weight? Niggy Junior, or OC? Part one's can be waffly, whilst part two gets to the meat of the issue; promotability, employability in new rank, potential etc, all in a few lines of text.

    The key to promotion is for clear recommendations and context setting - i.e - Promote Smith now, he's my top private in the Sqn/Regt. Penned comments by the CO can also help, and I have seen the O grade soldiers' pen pictures done by OC at Part 1 and CO at part 2.

    Grades don't mean a thing - if you sit a soldier down with the MS guide to writing CRs and read out the definitions of the grades without telling them what they equate to, most soldiers will select themselves as "C" grades. Promotion board secretaries will only filter in those recommended for promotion, not by grade order. Merit order is decided on the write ups, not the grades. I've seen good soldiers promoted on B grades.

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  7. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    All well and good Farma G. Not really what I was after though.
  8. Melchy,

    Just a hint of Moderator privilige?
  9. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Don't know what you mean ;)
  10. CRs well i think there is loads of room for improvement on the way we are reported on and promoted.

    1.... The Thirds thing e.g this man is in the top third blahblahblah. This is not a true reflection of how a soldier is. If you have a regt ful of sh*t soldiers then sh*t soldiers will be promoted and the Army will be full of shi*t

    2.... Some officers cannot write good CRs for toffies. If a CR is well written then that soldier has a better chance of promotion. Why,at Manning and Records road shows they used to always show what should not be written in CRs, because there are those numpty rodney's still writing drivel. If the cap fits...... You are doing your soldiers an injustice, get a grip.

    3.... There is no standardisation in the writing or reading of CRs. as point 2 above if an officer cannot write good CRs just as much as if the reading officer cannot understand what the writer is trying to say then once again a deserved soldier may loose out.

    4.... Its all about perception, what one person see's,does ,hears is not necessarilly the same as another man. I am a relaxed NCO I dont need to shout and ball, I dont need to punish and AGAI 67 people, I dont need to act up in front of SNCO's and Officers. I get my job done, I ensure the job of my subordinates is done to a high standard and when the time is needed I educate those that need it. Does this make me a useless NCO? NO!! But some may see it as not being of the right material.

    5.... Justify to me a sportsman getting promoted above his peers when he only spends three weeks in a unit and in that time does nothing above and beyond his job, no better than his peers and in that time does nothing outstanding. He will now take up another mans promotion and then disappear back to his little sporting world. Sportsmen like him or her should be transferred to the PT Corps after all they are sportsmen not tradesmen, most of them know nmothing about the job they signed up to do. How can their trade knowledge be Outstanding????

    Those are just a couple of points I could go on for hours but will let someone else have a rant.

    A solution to writing CRs and promotion would be to send all those qualified away on a promotion course, a cadre or similar. All would be put in the same boat all with the same qualities to achieve. This would be much fairer. Dont forget there are those out there that are not interested in getting promoted, they enjoy doing what they do, being what they are not what some people want them to be.
  11. Last time I looked the new reporting system on JPA was doing away with grades. Even then the actual performance bit is not the key bit that boards look at. You need to look at the potential and position part of the report to get a true indication of how a board might view things.