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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by chatbox, Apr 8, 2006.

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  1. I am putting the following question in this forum on the advice of a follow arrse user hope someone can help:

    I am a clerk and yes I like to help people but unfortunately looking though the regulations (MS guide to CR writing) I am unable to offer any help as i like to quote from regulations but cannot find anything to help. I wondered if anyone on Arrse could help with the problem one of our guys in the regiment has. Basically he is a Corporal and it is his fourth look at the Cpl to Sgt board which sits soon. His CR was due at the end of January but so far he has not seen it. The chief clerk of the regiment has been on long term sick leave and the front cover has not been generated yet. He has been told the chief clerk will be back soon and that he will get part one and part two of his CR and that they will be presented to the board. However because the third reporting officer is in Sierra Leone he will not have the third part complete. His concern is firstly his CR is late by two months now, and secondly if his CR goes to the promotion board with only part one and two he will be disadvantaged. Because if someone has part 1,2 and 3 then they will most probably get promoted over him as he only has part one and two. Having looked at the MS guide he cannot redress it as he says he will get a recommendation based on his mid year. But can he put in a representation on the basis that it is late and that the third RO has not completed their part? Any help would be appreciated he feels he is been career fouled and has come to me for help but I cannot find anything to help him. Thanks in advance for any help or advice.
  2. First question would be why is your unit waiting for the CC's return if he is on long term sick? Why should this have any affect upon unit issues such as ACRs. Does the unit stop in its tracks because the CC is ill? Isn't there anyone standing in for him? If all they are waiting for is the front cover, then that's ridiculous as it holds no information (other than the suitable employability question at the bottom, i.e., service with SF, juniors, etc) that is worth bothering about. If his CR is completed and off to Glasgow in time for the board, he has no complaint, but he should say soemthing when he meets his 1st RO about the delay. I can't see why he is worried about the 3rd ROs comment. 3rd ROs generally don't even know you and have a tendency to agree with the COs comment which is the baby carrying more weight in the promotion game. Do Cpls get an enty from a 3rd RO?

    I haven't got access to chapter and verse, but only in the event that this delay is to your colleagues detriment, i.e., it doesn't make the board in time, then I don't think he should sweat it just now. If it fails to make the board due to poor unit admin, I'd say he's got a redress as he has been disadvantaged in missing out on a potential promotion (do his other CRs back up his suitability though?) and it's his COs fault. You can't use the excuse that the CC was ill. Never mind the 'representation not amounting to redress' stuff, it's not worth the time spent writing it, not in this instance (that's if it all goes wrong for him due to his CR not getting to Glasgow on time).

    At this point though, have a bit of faith. No point in getting all worked up for something which hasn't happened yet.
  3. If someone has been career fouled, is it even worth them doing anything about it? Its not like they can claim compentsation, is it?
  4. If you can prove that you have been career fouled due to the negligence of your unit and its poor admin, as is alleged in this instance, then you have grounds for redress.
  5. Cpl to Sgt board doesn't sit til May.
  6. The vast majority of CR's that arrive at MCM Divs are incorrect and/or late but as long as it arrives in time for the day of the board it should be accepted. If any part of the required CR is missing MCM should inform the unit immediately and ask for it to be rectified and I believe RCMO's are meant to be in charge of getting CRs in on time to MCM (athough feel free to correct me if I am wrong) .

    Believe it or not 20% of CRs don't make it to the boards and if yours is one of them you will just assume you never got selected. Here is a presentation about Harmonisation of the Soldier MS Year - check out the last item :evil:,3,Benefits

    EDIT: Actually, check out the whole presentation as it tells you when CRs for all ranks are due in and when boards are announced. Cpl-Sgt is the 1st Friday in June (2nd June)
  7. Thats when the results are announced not when the board acctualy sit! The board sit 24 - 26th of May. So loads of time to get the CR sorted and up to Glasgow.
  8. That's what I said (my bold)
    :D :D :D

    The Boarding Period for Cpl - Sgt is 15 Apr - 31 May and announced on the first Friday in June - but not all capbadges hold promotion boards on the same day

    R Sigs C1 2 - 5 May
    Kings Div 10 - 11 May
    Para 16 - 17 May
    RE 22 - 26 May

    I wonder if there's anyway of checking to see if your CR does make it to the required promotion board :?:
  9. Lisa (AKA ChatBox) stop kidding on that the concerns you have are for a fellow soldier! Be honest and tell all the ARRSE users that it is for you that you are psissed off with the position you are in!

    Come on lisa don't be shy 4 times at shot of board, Mmm interesting were you eligible at your 4 year point then?
  10. Not sure who you are or who you think i am but i am definetly not called Lisa. I am trying to help out one of the lads. I have indeed had my CR and my board sat last week. If you can offer any help on the original question please do.
  11. Ground work first. Get your friend to have a FORMAL and RECORDED chat with RCMO. ensure this is inserted in PDR file and make notes on times and dates when your friend has made CoC aware of your concerns. get copies of current ACR, If requested to backdate, politely decline and date when seen. ROs being unwell or on deployment is tosh. Email and Fax are with us, politely point this out.
    This will hopefully be the only requirement as a formal chat with RCMO normally gets the wheels going in the direction you require. Yes, your CR is late in being produced but until the board sits, redressing it would be meaningless. If after the board sits and CR still complete and you have done all of the above then at least you have evidence that you did all in your power to resolve the situation.

    Hope that helps
  12. AGAI vol 2 ch 70 gives the guidance for redress. If you are career fouled you can ask for a special board to sit. You can also ask for seniority in rank and associated pay to be backdated to the point career fouling started. The army Board has the power to grant this.
  13. Just received my CR for the SSgts board, a pretty good CR even if i say so myself. The only drama is that i eventually signed it 1 WEEK after the SSgts board sat!!
    Because of my stage in my career i only have this board and next year to pick up. Is there a way to get this CR boarded and if not what is the next stage to pushing this career mismanagement forward!
    Is it possible to get a frank 1 to 1 converstaion with Glasgow or do you need to go through the usual puzzle palace of OC's etc?
  14. RCMO or the MS Staff Assistant at your Bde or Div level should help your friend out. If not he/she can always apeal to your Unit Adjt, but make sure your facts are spot on.

    Don't just allow it to slip.
  15. chatbox - if you are a clerk and keen to help someone out, why not generate the chaps front cover and send it to first RO?

    Just a thought