Confidential Report - Redressing

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ÐarkWolfShadow, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. sounds very odd to me. I thought you couldn't be given a CR within 6 months of your last one- first thing you need to do is document everything with a timeline of events to ensure you have everything in order.

    did you bum his wife or something?
  2. Now, assuming this is the internet and you could be anyone - my view falls into 1 of 2 categories; either:

    1. You are as you claim - in which case this is utterly outrageous and an abuse of power of the worst kind. You should contact your EOA, RCMO, CSM for advice - failing that being that you sound as if you are in a small formation - contact your OC's 1st RO (his boss) and explain the situation to him. If you have stated a fair and accurate reflection of the case as it appears to be you will have no problems in taking this to the very top, and your OC will not be able to penalise you for doing so.


    2. You are keeping some very important facts out of the scenario - you are a w*nker of the highest order, a liability to your OC and an embarassment to everyone around you, and it is quite right and proper that you should be drummed out of the forces. In which case you deserve everything that is coming your way.

    If it is the former - then crack it today - speak to your admin Sgt/CSM and get the ball rolling.
  3. Way too odd for me....

    In my time you'd have need to be a Brig or very highly rated CO to start buggering about with promotion like that... and get away with it.

    What's the real story? OC's don't normally get complexes like that unless something has happened.
  4. A very odd case. Any letter of redress should be sent to your OC's chain of command and you must be able to back it up with firm evidence. Fortunately this applies to your OC as much as it does to you, interviews of this kind should be recorded (ideally you should sign a copy of the interview record). He should be able to state exactly what reasons he has for recommending that you are not promoted and you should be able to refute all of them. Written reports from your colleagues would also be of some use.

    The intitial letter of redress should set out your case, outline the main reasons for your deselection and outline your reasons for this being unreasonable, written testimony from your colleagues can also be enclosed at this point. The chain of command should decide whether the complaint is worth investigating (make sure your letter is watertight) and if they do so, they should interview all interested parties. Unless there are exceptional circumstances the complaint should be made within three months of the subject action. Make sure that your letter states exactly what outcome you believe you are entitled to if your complaint is upheld (e.g. promotion as expected and re-imbursement of any forfited wages due to non-promotion).

    If you're swinging the lead, the redress process will ensure that you are found out and will hamper your career prospects for some time, so don't bother. If you have a legitimate complaint then the system will work to your advantage, I know I've been through it.

    Edit in response to your last post:

    If you feel that your OC's 1st RO is biased in this matter, then you are entitled to write to the next person up. In doing this, however you must state that you believe that the CO's assessment of your performance is flawed and back it up accordingly.
  5. Good advice.

    You must be in a very odd Unit indeed, I take it that it must be an independant Unit - either that or a Signals/SF formation.

    Either way it doesn't matter - the system exists to support you and not hamper you. That is of course if you are being upfront and totally honest with yourself. If you are then you will come out on top - no doubt about it. If you are not - then you will get hung...... severely.
  6. was this interview or the comment recorded in written form? if not, i would be reasonably confident about your chances (if you've been upfront).

    are you working as a recruit instructor by any chance?