Confidential Report Information

I am after some information concerning redress against a former OC,with reference to a Confidential Report written on myself.
Q.1 How long and in what degree of knowledge has the officer writing the report got to have on the SNCO the report is being written about?
Q.2 What is the meaning of "adequate"? does this mean the person has served with the officer and is well known to him,or just knows of the SNCO?

Any enlightenment would be appreciated.Thankyou.
Get hold of the army publication "MS guide to soldiers' confidential reports" (think I got the title right. That will tell you everything you ever need to know about CR writing. Should at least be one in your company, if not try the RAO.
Q1. The formal answer to this is 3 months in post as the individuals OC before writing the CR. This does not mean that the OC needs to have personally known the individual for that length of time - he just needs to have been in formal command of him.

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