Confidence in Obama reaches new low, Washington Post-ABC News poll finds

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Jul 13, 2010.

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  1. Oh my-what to do, what to do--even the Washington (Com)Post and ABC are finding such disapproval? Of course, this probably leaves Him and His handlers unmoved as one of the tenets of progressivism is that the ruling elite knows (just ask them) much more than we great unwashed such that we must be dragged to the "solutions" of the all-wise elites even if we do not approve.
  2. Actually, I'm not that upset with Obama.
    I genuinely believe that Obama will end the last few decades of US economic dominance on the world stage.
    Obama is to the USA what Brown and Blair have been to the UK, a living, talking disaster. We've gotten rid of our socialist lunatics for a while but the US has yet to learn the painful consequences of electing somebody with a messiah complex. With a little luck the UK will come out of this one ahead of Obama-land.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Obama has bitten off more than he can chew by baying for BP's blood, he has gone head to head with big oil interests and its going to cost him dearly.

    Obama is a hollow man, he is highly prejudiced and he isn't quite as clever as he thinks he is.
  3. I think Abe Lincoln got it right with his "fooling people some,part,or all of the time",as I've said on various posts,the similarities between Barry O Bumble,and Teflon Tone are remarkable.

    The sheer arrogance of these people,is always unbelievable,but I don't think the US will put up with this shit,for as long as we did!
  4. The rumour I heard was that 40% of BP is owned by the US, and their pension funds will collapse if he starts arresting BP officials for incompetence, so he was told to STFU. Regardless of that, he still looks like a good leader to me; I don't care if I have to hold this trench on my own. It appears to be difficult to goad him into making a decision that other people want, and he seems to concentrate on one problem at a time. We might be looking at a stable personality that would prefer to pace himself at his own rate. After all, the US is still the only superpower, and the rest of us have to wait for their decisions. The oil will soon be coming ashore to pay off America's debts, all that is needed is a bit of patience.
  5. Are you interested in more information about Him and the substance of His "leadership" to make the time in your trench go by a bit faster? ;-)
  6. I'm always willing to admit when I'm wrong, Jumpinjar, and I am no stranger to looking stupid. So blast away, old chap :)
  7. I'm surprised that Obama is still breathing. I'd assumed that the "good old boys" would have done a re run of Dallas by now.

    Obuma will do for the USA what Blair/Brown did for the UK.
  8. So what you are saying is that it only takes one American to do what two Brits can do.
  9. Hope springs eternal.
  10. Shame that O isn't meeting the high expectations.

    His chief redeeming feature remains however, namely that he isn't his facile and evil predecessor. Always worth bearing that in mind IMHO.
  11. Obama is an idealistic fool. He was, and is, WAY too inexperienced to run the US. And it's all coming out now. 55% of the people believe he is a socialist, as I do. He is ruining this country further, by his socialist ideas/values. I truly hope he is voted out of office. I'm just waiting for the race card to be played.
  12. I always find it funny when Americans refer to any of their own polticians as socialists. Other than the few minor ones, there really aren't any. If Obama had attempted to implement his health planes in a European country, he would have been booted out ASAP. Far too right wing.

    Not that Americans don't have a right to dislike him. They absolutely do. In turn, it is a sensible person's right to chuckle at such a silly argument.
  13. I sincerely and earnestly hope and pray that does not happen. We are (or at least should be) a nation of laws and there are prescribed ways for our governments to change.
  14. Can POTUS be voted out before his term of office is over?Or be retired through ill health,physical or mental?
  15. I do not think the particular "ism" matters so much once you understand the underlying philosophy involved as it really includes everything from fascism to the most extreme form of socialism. The key ingredients include centraliz(s)ed control of as many of the functions of government and society as possible by an "elite" (whether politburo, "party," group or individual) who through various means (revolution, coup, or slower but no less effective means of "selling" the elite to the people through carefully orchestrated propaganda in order to "game" an election).

    Once established, they then systematically set about consolidating and expanding their power. The elites can be comprised of "true believers" who really think they are "anointed" by God or man (but always determined by their own estimation of their brilliance, education, insight, birthright etc.) to "take care" of the masses who are too self-absorbed, stupid, blinded, oppressed yada yada yada to do it themselves or they can be those who very callously and selfishly use their power for their personal aggrandiz(s)ement. Either way, it is us poor schmucks who are the victims in the piece. Just as one candle drives out the dark, any freedom can frustrate the elite in their efforts to "take care" of the rest of us. Thus, the particular form this takes (fascism, communism etc.) varies with the circumstances (social traditions, form of government to be "transformed" etc.) but the dynamics are much the same. IMHO, our current masters are an amalgam of several forms as reflected by their increasing control over (those big evil ) "private corporations," banks, etc.that retain the appearance of a free market that is only at the surface. This of course is closer to classical fascism. In other ways they reflect more socialist tendencies such as increasing control over industrial and agricultural production through such nice-sounding things as "pollution prevention," "more sustainable production," etc. that are more code for government control than they are a reflection of any real "care' of the elite.

    All one has to do is read some of the books and writings of our Great Master and those he has picked to surround him and advise him and it is fairly clear that this is what is occurring albeit under various code words and doublespeak.

    I would note that the evil GW Bush and the Republican Congress in his first term also did much of this as well but with different labels etc ("compassionate conservatism" etc.) in that the federal government structure and spending mushroomed durng his reign as well. Regrettably, as is evident in many posts even on ARRSE, the discussion of these issues becomes mired almost immediately in partisan politics when the reality is virtually all of our politicians on the national level are "progressives" in that their default position for solving any issue is that the government should do it, or if not directly, then added layers of regulatory bureaucracy are needed to oversee (primarily to tax in various ways) the evil private companies. Thus most Republicans and Democrats on the national scene are on the same continuum and their differences are in degree not kind.