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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by discodan, Nov 14, 2005.

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  1. I will start

    When I was 16 I worked in S*** in Garston Liverpool

    I was told I was getting the sack later that day so sneaked into the main staff room where all the bosses had thier Tea/Coffee and took a dump in thier water boiler. Like one of these below :)


    Oh how we all pissed ourselves laughing when I watched all the managers sipping thier coffe and tea and making pot noodles and stuff with my shitty pooh'd up water...

    Funny as it is I didnt get the sack.
  2. I once left a mackerel inside , but behind the desk drawer of a previous adjutant who took a dislike to me. I hope his office reeked.

    As a form of justice, Someone who lived in a married quarter before I did, left prawns dotted around the house behind the picture rails. I found them eventually but not until I had spent a kings ransom on air fresheners.
  3. I was also about 16. i was working as a wine waiter and escorted some people to their table. One of the men was extremely rude to me and left me thinking how to get my own back. I took their drinks order, remembering which he had ordered so i could do something horrible to his drink. I went to the bar and told the head barman about this arrsehole. he asked me what the arrsehole had ordered. he thought it would be funny to give this guy his orange juice and lemonade with a shot of his p*ss. He did the business behind the bar and poured it in the drink.

    I took the drinks down to the table and handed the guy his oj + lemonade +p*ss and to my horror he passed it over to his wife and took a different drink. His wife in contrast, was really nice to me throughoutv the whole evening. i felt very guilty but needless to say still laughed about it and laugh about it to this day. The worst thing was it didnt smell of orange juice at all, it smelled really strongly of p*ss.
  4. Good Drills Sups lol
  5. not really a secret as my whole plt knows but a good story.
    on my rtt training i was in a shell scrape with a wannabe squaddiette and i thought why not (she maybe fugly but anyholes a goal!) so after about an hour of my best chat up lines WOOHOO anyway just as i was approching my vinegar stroke and the dawn attack begins so the order to BUG OUT gets called so im trying to shag doris fire my rifle and pack my burgen. Fun i know, untill im running through the woods with spunk down my leg, kit flying all over the place all in all a right mess and you try explaining that to the ncos so i took the ear bashing and extra duties for being a mong (i didnt say about the shagging just the leaving half my kit down along the route out).
    thinking thats the end ..... well no not having dunkie machines on the training area i now have a 6 year old daughterl. im not looking forward to explaining how mummy and daddy met i can tell you!
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    So in line with the royal Beckhams, what name did you give said babe:

    Salisbury Plain
    .....................................? :wink:
  7. Oh Sh1t.
  8. mmmh...could she have not covered the arcs of fire whilst you did the deed........buddy buddy system and all that!!!
  9. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Only if he was doing her up the wrong un.

    Anyway, MiB had an instructor who was a jumped up pratt. He went on leave for a week so I ( and an assistant) picked the cheap padlock and filled up the top drawer of his desk with maggots from the local fishing tackle shop.

    The following Monday he arrived at 8.00am and released two hundred big fat bluebottles into the room.
  10. I'm not allowed sharp things....

    an I like custard!
  11. That's not me in the gallery - it's my stunt double ;)

    and if you believe that I'm also the King of Siam
  12. In canada, on the ranges Target shooting. Ive pulled butt duty and am on the lane next to the range office who happens to be a young Canadian lady subbie, not the most beautiful creature in the world, but i try to forget that. Anyway, i spend thhe day doing some serious flirting with her and that night things continued in the canadian version of a 12x12 and fun was had by all. The next day our boss calls us together and gives us the daily news and then we have a chat and the boss lets it slip that he wold like to give said lady a good stuffing like the good sl*g she is etc etc. I get all offended (i had morals then, i was young) but don't say anything. He wants a brew, i volenteered to make, and he gets the oneshot verson of a latte. Of course looking back i was immature, but then again, he was a t*at and would have deserved it anyway!
  13. At weekends my name is Susan.
  14. I nailed a Navy writer on the unloading bay that used to be at the rear of Moscow Camp one night after coming back from the New Forge disco, not really a secret as most of those on guard watched on the cameras.
  15. J_D

    J_D LE

    When I was 15yrs old, I knew a girl who was a complete psycho b1tch! Believe me, this girl was cookoo to the limit.

    She would tell my mum that I was bulimic, had a coke addiction, you name it she would do it. None of what she said was true.

    Then one day, I was walking over the bridge at the local train station and she had written all over the walls that my mum was a wh0re and that I was an inbred dog and a lot more!

    Well, lets say later that week, police raided her house, a lot h of drugs were found and well she was quickly booted out her house! Booted out of school and disowned.

    Karma has it’s come backs!

    (There were many people she crossed, who ever grassed, we will never know :wink: )