confessions of an arrsemaiden

This thread will undoubtably end up in the arrse hole, however someone who shall not be mentioned told me I didn't have the spherical objects to start this thread, in chat, with witnesses.

A recent conversation with the unidentified female talking about ex's, speed dating and then the club 18 thread.
She then confessed to her own misdeads on a holiday when much younger. On a foreign holiday she copped off with the Rep (which is pretty much standard), however next morning she received a massive round of applause from the stag party in the next room. One should always remember to close the doors to the shared balcony... This is doubly important if you are a "Screamer" and engagned in energetic, nay violent sex, also the noise of the bed being broken was quite distinctive, as was the sounds and sights of the curtains being ripped from the walls

another point to remember, dont get a room that overlooks the pool and the outdoor bar.

from msn chat xxx says 'anything you could invent probably happened that night, we ended up on the floor in the middle of a bed with sheets everywhere'

i dont think there was a position forgotten or a move missed

he was reported as shouting OM FCUKING G and in the morning those said blokes also asked me if I had takedn lessons when it came to errrr certain thing

i spent the rest of the holiday getting free drinks

actually if i remember rightly we were interupted too by his room mate while we were in the shower he took one look at us and ran

Now that my point is made, this thread can be consigned to the hole...
I have a bad memory but sure it wasn't me. Now extremely jealous and wishing it was though.

Anymore Arrsemaidens got any confessions like this? Go on make us all jealous.

Top - Any chance you could contact the animal in question and ask her if we can have a clue? Maybe play 20 questions?

I'll start...

Q1. Is she Scottish?



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Harry_Webster said:
Sorry mate only got stills........

Give us all a loud groan when you want the lid nailing down.........
Well Harry - I got my red book aka AFB 108, when I left. Have you got yours yet or don't they give them to ACF? :cry:

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