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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by wildcard.rgbw, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. I have a confession to make, I am a university student and a member of the TA... I wear the issued shemagh at uni as a scarf, I wear my regimental t-shirt which shows my unit plastered on the back... but I take pride in that anyway... are these walt-crimes? Does anyone have any other confessions of gratuitous walting?
  2. It's certainly unnecessary.

    Especially the shemagh bit. Do you wear your softie to the pub when it's cold?

    If you're going for that "i'm in civvies so nothing to do with the army, but i'm sooo in the army" chic then G10 is not the way to do it. Try 5.11, blackhawk, underarmour, black north face fleece/duvet jacket etc.
  3. If by TA you mean OTC, then yes, and you should go and die in a fire.
  4. Better than a squaddy walting as a STABby student, at least.
  5. I do like you Crabcakes :)
  6. Aw, thankyou CK :oops: When's Mr CK back? It's soon, right?
  7. No no no you got me wrong! They don't even have OTC! I was TA long before I joined uni because I didn't have a A lvls I simply did a 1st diploma and blagged my way through as a "mature student! :>

    I do have an old unit photo they're are some OTC wearing the smemagh... inspiration noted!
  8. Old enough to know better then and old enough to buy a scarfe

    Edited for mongnesss
  9. I'm so attached to it though, over 5 years now!

    As a side note, alot of the Asian's in my college (though I am studying a degree), seem to think wearing them in different colours is in fashion...

    I went through the gucci kit phase when I started my phase 1, than the impulses calmed down until I realised I could buy a windproof smock for £10!!!
  10. diffrent colours may mean somebody supports rival palenstian camps or more likey what was avilable on the market stall :roll:
  11. Hang on a minute, why wear a shemagh anyway? Are you walting as Dot Cotton aswell???
  12. Wearing wrapped neatly around one's head and face in a really bad sandstorm: Ally.

    Wearing loosely hanging from round the neck anywhere in the UK (including bluewater shopping arcade, student union bars, or any branch of "Starbucks"), teamed up with skinny jeans and converse all stars: Studenty.

    It's not really walty, but it's a bit sad. Sorry.
    Have you considered a career on Hollyoaks? :wink:
  13. Funny you should mention hollyoaks but I actually did a performing arts course before I started my business degree ;)
  14. :oops: