Confession Time. Did you ever vote for Blair?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Praetorian, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. In the 1997 General Election

  2. In the 2001 General Election

  3. In the 2005 General Election

  4. I have never voted for Blair

  1. Ok, honestly:

    After reading the thread entitled "Where did it go wrong for you", I thought a survey on who voted for Blair would be a good gauge of when the ill-feeling started.
  2. Yes, I felt mildly ashamed then and even more so now.

    Now in Clarke's constituency Labour will NOT have my vote. If I was a few miles north I would vote for Ian Gibson; even though he's Labour.

    Until 2005 possibly (late 2004?) I was holding out hope that Blair had played things cleverly; Iraq was a mess but America would owe us one (JSF software codes anyone?). NHS had money poured in and it WOULD help.

    Now; well, PFI, PPP, the NHS, the treatment of the armed forces, his own stupid fecking obsession with his "legacy" - the only thing I'd vote Blair for is cnut of the millenium.

    But I'm not voting Tory next time, or Lib Dem, or UKIP, or BNP... which leaves me with Green Party... so spoiled vote then...

    I just can't vote Tory; but who else is there who'd look after the armed forces, have the strength of conviction to stand up to America/UN/Europe, treat the public services with respect, remove PFI/PPP from the face of this earth and not be lying gits?
  3. Ive never voted for him by the way.
  4. I voted for a Labour MP, because he worked/works his socks off for the constituency.

    I didn't vote for Blair because I'm not a party member (I'd dance with the party,if I could find one ;) )
  5. Never have never would
  6. Never
  7. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

  8. I'm sure it will surprise you all to know I never have and never will vote for Bliar or Liarbour.

    (Rustles Torygraph and dreams of Maggie...)
  9. I've only voted in one election - 2005 and it certainly wasn't for Labour.

    Have you read their manifesto? They most definitely would not serve the best interests of our Armed Forces.

    Me too Dozy. I was only a child during her premiership but how I wish she could come back and save this country.
  10. I know all about the Green Party. A friend of mine will be standing in the local elections for the Green Party.

    Locals are very different to nationals though; I think they have a role to play in the local politics by blocking some inappropriate development.

    Nationally; it's between the big three generally... and I don't like any of them. David Cameron will be worse than Tony Blair. All talk, trousers negative. Testicles yet to be confirmed
  11. Sod that, I'll vote Tory, simply because theres no-one else :)
  12. Never voted Labour. The opposition has been a waste of time for the last ten years mind.
  13. Hmmm, I'm seeing a few votes kncoking about.

    Someone must have voted for him, or is this like post-War France where everyone was a member of the resistance and not a collaborator.
  14. I can assure you it wasn't me!!