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Confession of Frankfurt-Airport shooter



The court doesn't accept his confession?
So they say "nope we don't believe you did it, off you go home"?

Do the German courts have this 50% off if you confess like the UK then?
Minimum 15 years (or 10 if he was under 21 when he did it) before parole hearing. No maximum.


Rest in peace the 2 US soldiers killed, and sympathies to those injuried.

Thank **** the gunmans gun jammed.

I will ask you to picture this though:

We have been over run and occuppied by the russian hordes (sorry kgb) - you hear of a 14 year old girl been gang raped by russian soldiers.

She and her family, 3 generations, are then murdered by the russian soldiers to hide their crime.

You have access to a gun and know where russian soldiers congregate.

Would you?
Remorse is allways well received in German Courts, even if it does not result in a significant reduction of the sentence, it is the start of the rehabilitation process and will likely result in an early release where possible. However as already posted, murder gets a minimum of 15 years, most prisoners will be released on parole after 15, only the severe cases will do more. Life per se does not exist as the German Supreme Court ruled some years ago that all prisoners must have hope of being released at some stage.
He apologized for his actions, saying he had been shown a film of a 14 year old muslim girl been gang raped by US soldiers, that he now knows was fictional.

He still killed though didn't he? they aren't going to spring back to life are they?

Kill the cnut. Slowly and painfully.
And people are against rendition? Should have lifted him to the USA.

The crime took place on German soil, by a German subject (of some description). Do you think the Germans are incapable of judging this and acting correctly?

Similar points have been raised against teh Italians by the Yanks about the Amanda Knox case. A Yank, killing Brit on Italian soil.
Stroke of luck the gun jammed.

It is not typical for these chaps to issue such a frank confession especially one admitting not just guilt but stupid naivety either he's sincere or has a very persuasive brief. It might knock a couple of years of a very long sentence in a comfy kraut high security prison.

That he's an ungrateful Kosovar who chose to murder soldiers from the country that engineered his peoples secession from Serbia isn't going to play in his favor. Come to think of it the Germanic underworld isn't exactly short of dodgy Serb former militia guys that he could have gone postal on to good affect.
Stroke of luck the gun jammed.

. Come to think of it the Germanic underworld isn't exactly short of dodgy Serb former militia guys that he could have gone postal on to good affect.
I therefore imagine the German prison system also contains a fair few back-woods Chetnik types who will be more than happy to discuss the concept of Greater Serbia with him....

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