Confession from eggBanjo

This man has just confessed to being Welsh.

He confessed after a lengthy discussion about Horsa Gliders etc etc...

Whilst its bad enough he was a stinking Para, couple this with his heritage and place of birth... perhaps its time to ignore him :D

Send him to set up a Gay workshop with Shotgun the other token taff walking amongst us

In addition to the above crime he also confessed to having a sort off odd relationship with another lad while he was at school

We used to race home and buff each other bobbies helmets, no kissing just good old fashioned tugging
Oh dear
:D :D :D :D :D :D

Now then crack open your Max Boyce comedy compendium and watch a re-run of the 1976 snooker championships with that old tearaway and scamp, Terry Griffiths
Anyone with half a brain cell would realise this post for what its worth...............The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Got to dash, I've got choir practice after I've eaten my leek soup and lava bread :lol:
Eggbanjo said:
Anyone with half a brain cell would realise ......
From a Welsh Para........... come on Egg, dig deeper...... be proud, Shotgun is...we still think he is a penis but he is a proud penid :D :D
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