Confession and cheers

I start basic on sunday and thought i would take this opportunity to thank not only all those who have helped me by answering my posts but also those who have replied to others, the advice i have found on others posts has often been invaluable (search is priceless :D ). A main example being my struggle with the dreaded bmi and my lack of fitness (hand in hand them two :roll: )

However i have a confession.
This is not my original ID, i first started posting under another name and i must admit i was a complete cock, the emporer had complete control.
My rather slim defence is that i was going through a rough time but as there are many out there who go through worse and refrain from acting like complete C*nts even im rolling my eyes at that old chestnut.

Thankfully the good people of arrse where on hand to administer the cure via a slap in the face and a hefty boot *********** and after going away for a while and licking my wounds i took their kindly advice and resurfaced with a new name and more importantly a new attitude.

So my main thanks must go to those who have saved me from myself, unbelievably it has changed me to such an extent that those around me have noticed i dont act like such a tosser anymore, workmates i barely spoke to before really are mates now and mrs pidge recently remarked that joining the army has "made me more like my oldself", if only i wasnt so ashamed of my previous posts i would let her know its down to this site more than anything else.

Apologies for the long post.


Ps how the hell am i gonna keep up with cernunnos's adventures while in camp :?

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