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Confess, who was in Darlington today

Today I took a trip into Darlo train station - to do some Beebs spotting.

Firstly waiting at platform 4 was a motley collection of 'soldiers' I use the term loosely as they were slouched about the place looking more like elderly cadets, and the SNCO was stood with his hands in his pockets, very professional looking I must say (which is pretty strong coming from me) However I digress.

Over at another platform it seemed impossible to move for young men with identical hair cuts, and mostly carrying identical bags. All of them looking vaguely stunned, somewhat like a freshly caught fish.

Anyway, would anybody like to confess to having been there today?

(Yes I've had help with spelling of the bigger words today)
Toppers wrote that, and it was a nightmare trying to stop him gripping the blokes in uniform.

I was in charge of dogs and tea, and failed (miserably) to grip them myself and was looking forward to 30 seconds of seeing Beebs and her clan when the train stopped.

Unlike the time I was in the car park at Maccy Dees in Catterick with Toppers in the car and saw my own arrse at blokes smoking in berets - with hands in pockets - I nearly needed new tyres on the Tardis after my screeching halt.
Why on earth would you voluntarily go there? If I'm ever up that end I try to get time spent in Darlington to an absolute minimum.. Always plenty of squaddies in civvies to spot though, at least one of them will always take the same journey as me too - except they will be far less sober.

Gripped one bloke in uniform there once, unshaven, slouching, in greens and generally looking a mess -> turns out he was an airsofter.

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