Conference and exhibition challenge

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by ALREADYJACKEDGENIUS, Sep 2, 2011.

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  1. Rather tame of late ( G2 Loony / DDI come home) these threads need a little livening up.

    How to pass the time at conferences and exhibitions: please add suggestions below.

    -Do you look Old?
    -Speak a Slavic Language.

    Why not pass yourself off, Borat style, as a visiting Minister or Ambassador from a minor central asian republic?
    Score bonus points if you:
    -Get bought lunch by a greedy but ignorant contractor.
    -Get to sh@g an ethical protestor
  2. These are good ideas, especially for those among us fortunate enough to look somewhat Slavonic to begin with.

    There's probably merit in exhibition knock-down-ginger: sneak on to others' stands and deface a small but important part of the display and escape undetected.
  3. Will the individual posing in Hall S 8 today as the Deputy Hungarian Defence Minister please contact the undersigned regarding collection of the Arrse Special Merit Award?
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  4. or adulterating their tasty beverage with something unspeakable (ever wonder why the DS coffee always tastes strange?)
  5. I can reveal that supplies of the small blue plastic robots on Stand 260, Hall S3, are depleting rapidly and if any ARRSEr requires same, tomorrow morning is last chance.I'll see sub's Deputy Minister and raise with the Deputy Minister of Defence of the Republic of Georgia. I swear to Christ he served my kebab the other night.
  6. The CO of the Azerbaijan Reconnaissance Regiment Support Establishment will be visiting tomorrow, looking for evidence of the Kebab.
  7. Quick-thinking as ever, the responsible individual has secreted the remains of the kebab on a stand belonging, he reports, to a manufacturer of flimsy Italian agricultural implements, thus neatly saving the sturdy English yeomen, purveyors of top-class advice to expectant foreigners, from suspicion.
  8. Not to worry, Leiths have been provided with some FMV clips of the miscreants, the IMEI and IMSI of their device and some DNA they carelessly left behind.
  9. Go and see the 2i/c of Dauntless. He's a Quins supporter & would love to meet other rugby lovers.