Twice in a fortnight a trial lawyer uses the 'confabulation defence'.

Twice in a fortnight it fails.

Is this the new 'a big boy did it and ran away' ploy?

Obviously the first occasion regarding Them, a Glock and an under the bed arsenal has been done to death here, and this stupid wanker deserves all he gets despite his 'confabulation'.

Neighbour Paul Meehan Jailed For Lying Over Murdered Tia Sharp

Anyone got any lurid tales of past sins where this defence may have actually worked?

Would it have got you out the shit on OC's?

Will the infraction heavy MOD's here accept it?

I obviously know all the answers to my all questions, but I seem to have forgotten them...
My friends have a neighbour who I think has this, he winds up screaming and shouting at 3am then seems to have no recollection of it. He could also just be a cunt.

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So, Ord_Sgt was confabulated, eh? It all becomes clear now.
I have sat and listened as people have spun first-hand dits which are reasonably accurate accounts of events where I was present but they were not. If an event resonates with someone, perhaps through their familiarity with the people and places involved, it seems to me that when they first hear of it, their brain can imagine the scene so well that it is able to imprint a false memory that they were actually there. I know that I have done this myself, but realised that I had made up my presence as a bystander when the real account was retold to me. It is also entirely possible that I and many of the people I associate with are old alcoholics.
If you have served then there is a very real prospect that you have a drink problem. ......

Two hands and only one mouth.

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