Conductors taking post as Officers

Discussion in 'RLC' started by mynameis, Nov 11, 2006.

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  1. Queens Regulations 9.170(b)(2) state that:

    A conductor or a staff sergeant major in the RLC is to act in the place of a subaltern officer when required. On all parades he is to take post as an officer, but is not to salute.

    What is the origin of this, and why has it been retained in the contemporary army?
  2. The origin of it is;
    Queens Regulations 9.170(b)(2)
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  4. I remember reading something about a Conductor being an appointment tha falls between Warrant Officer and Comissioned Officer. I imagine therefore that if anyone mislaid a Subby (pretty easy apparently!) then the Conductor would take his place in the parade. As for not saluting, it is because he does not hold the Queens Commission.

    It is retained in the Army as are many things, like having Colours and Regimental is tradition built up over 400 years. Plus in reality, who really cares, it doesn't affect much does it? 8O
  5. It's the same as in any Arm or Service. We have WO1s as troop commanders in the Engrs. Why would it be any different for you guys?
  6. Wasnt the Conductor the very first Warrant Officer appointment in the British Army?
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    FFS. This has been done to death MANY times. use search and get all your answers. :shakefist: :pissedoff:
  8. Is there any need for your ignorance. I know not of any such post and mereley asked what i thought was a fair question!
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    Surely I am not showing ignorance but wisdom. The ignorance (of a surfeit of previous posts on this subject) lies entirely with your good self. Now Right Turn and FO.

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  11. From QRs

    'Conductors RLC will take post at the near-side rear of formed troops. Prior to moving off as a body, the Conductor will shout "Hold very tight please, "ching-ching"!'
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  13. Conductors

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