Conducting survey on favourite sex position..



You're stealing my topics :)

Fave position?  Actually getting some.


sorry - shall I draw a line under this one and divert people to your thread under naafi bar?

isn't your fave one 'up the bum'   i.e. your bum?   ;D ;D ;D
Anyone I’m involved in.

Currently not that many just Pam and her five friends.

When the lucks in the who ever is the current little Miss Subbie always get a good, vast enjoyment from “doing it doggy”.

Took me a while to work out at first because of a slight spelling problem and I was “doing it dodgy”

Still what doesn’t kill ya makes you stronger that what I tell ‘um

Bad CO

Reference picture apparently it becomes like sitting on a hedgehog if you slack on your admin.
Well, mine is with the girl on top....  Nothing is a greater turn-on than the sight of a girl going into herself as she gets there... Almost like being a spectator although you are totally involved :) mmmmm.......


War Hero
Mine is doggy style........U can't beat that feeling of the whole thing. Or on top of the washing machine....Not that I've tried it :-[
All in good time ;)
Dont fret Leeanne I phoned the RSPCA and they came and picked up Scribbler and took him to the pound, where they put him to sleep

Said he was an unwanted, unloved, flea riddled mongrel ;D ;D ;D
Hmmmmmm maybe it's time for a smiliey that pukes....
What about a smiley that picks on smaller, less well off, fireman smileys, with a sithe ;D
Okay, okay.... fav position is pirched on top of the wardrobe, whilst girlfriend lies on bed covered in baby oil, legs wide open.  So far I've missed the bed each time I've jumped off the wardrobe, but the doctor sez I should have the cast off by Xmas, so we'll try again. ;D

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