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8O I am approaching my 22yr point. I can't say I was the best soldier in the bunch when I was younger liked to party & sometimes got caught . but I pride myself in being Honest & Trustworthy in my mature years.I have Previous Regimental entries on my conduct sheet from 1993 & further back.Over 15years ago for absent from place of duty & other things. things which aren't crimes in civilian street. will these records ever clear or how do I go about clearing these. I find it strange that these records are now still kept & could still reflect on my character. :roll:Could someone please enlighten me!
Your Army record doesn't affect your civvy record, and will have no bearing on your future.


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The only beaing it should have will be the top line of you 108 (testamonial) which usualy reads WO2 X's conduct is rated as ................. (with the word used supplied by the SSA after interogating your conduct sheet)

However - as 108's are now a unit responsibility if you ask your boss nicely, he can just not include this line at all - if it gets past the CO's desk your laughing.

Go on, ask me how I know? - its cos my top line would have ended in 'satisfactory' after 23 years and having read my 108 last week, mysteriously that line is now missing - my boss thought it didnt look too good so took it out!

I've got some pretty nasty stuff on mine that's past the old 5 year rule now (just) but I'm not worrying about it, its just filling the gaps in the CV thats the hard bit.........
I got "exemplary" despite having spent 18 days in pokie, and a handfull of other misdemeanors.


Mate, nobody gives a tuppeny hoot what was on your conduct sheet when you leave.

I left in '92, had a couple of reggie entries on my sheet, still got exemplary in my red book.

Not that i have ever once shown my red book to a prospective employer, or ever would do!


Your red book isn't worth a sh*t mate. The employers I've encountered refuse to accept them. They want referees not testimonials. I've yet to actually meet any ex squaddies who have been asked for them. They just don't appear to be recognised as being of any value by civilian employers. Unless someone knows any different?

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