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Discussion in 'Officers' started by DN12345, Jul 30, 2007.

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  1. Am trying to find the above mentioned on my file/JPA and our admin bods seem to think that only junior ranks have one.

    Has anyone else seen theirs or is anyone able to point me in the right direction?

  2. Officers don't have conduct sheets, my friend. An officer's conduct is always exemplary.

    I trust from you question, that your conduct has not always been so?
  3. You will only have a conduct sheet if you have committed an offence under the AA that merits an entry. I assume, therefore, from your statement, that you have the requisite disciplinary record, in which case you will find it not on JPA but, R of O Act dependent, in your personal docs, or at AFPAA.
  4. Stuck on the back of the front cover to your blue book, removed after Offence is spent, but leaving a nice big sticky mark so everyone knows it used to be there, er, apparently.
  5. Jonny, doesn't exemplary = not getting caught? But no, there's nothing to mention which is why I'm having a hard time tracking it down - although the clerk who needs it is adamant that all Officers also have one, even if it's just a blank sheet in a file somewhere.....

    Of course, being RAF probably makes it even more confusing but I shall keep hunting.

    Armchair Warrior, R of O? Sorry, you lost me......

  6. Why would a clerk need your 'conduct sheet'? You surely haven't started this thread as a result of a minor panic, by some junior clerk, caused by an impending SPS inspection - or have you?

    R of O = Rehab of Offenders.
  7. Officers do not have conduct sheets until they do something and get caught and are awarded a punishement which warrents entry on it.

    If you have volunteered for a course where they ask for a number of things, as i now suspect, one being conduct sheet then it doesnt not apply for officers, and that part of the file pack is left out. If the clerk insists then refer him/her to the original DCI. Or just ignore it. When the file pack gets to the course they will also ignore it.
  8. I like your plan P_L, will submit without. Thanks for the clarification.