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Can anyone tell me where I can get details of the conduct CFT?
Lets be more helpfull shall we! all your answers are here :D
CFT do publish the results of your Unit!


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Thanks Hat - actually I saw that site when I googled 'CFT' - amazing (and sad?) what you find on the interweb.

Bibo - we don't have a PTI and PTI's we've borrowed in the past have been the problem. Trouble is I can't step in and say things are not being done correctly if I don't know how they are suppossed to be done. Yes I could contact the APTC and get it from them but I live on a Crab Station and I thought I'd might get what I need from ARRSE.

So if anyone out there has the answer I'm still interested.
polar69 said:
CFT in Cyprus is twice up and down Troodos mountain , carrying a slab of lager with press ups at the top

Surely ?
Can of lager has ring pull at the top.

Surely ?

Seriously though, sknn poses a very legitimate question. We've all seen the "rogue" PTI (who may even have had some PTI quals in the dim and distant past) who reckons the whole purpose of the CFT is to beast the squad into the deck. So if anyone can publish exact requirements I'm sure it will be more than sknn who gets benefit.

Might even help our prospective recruits to know what the weight requirements are so that they aren't doing daft stuff like sprinting up a hill with half a house on their backs for "training" purposes.
the details of all the physical tests are laid down within the "individual training document". Go on to the DII and type it into the search box. Failing that, go into RN Web, and do the same, it'll throw up the RM's ITD for CFTs, which I believe is the same as the Army's.

And I'm a sad b*stard for knowing that off the top of my head!!!


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Polar are you mad? You don't carry the slab up Troodos yourself - you load it into your 4x4 along with your BBQ kit and drive up! Or better still you have Keo sponsor your event and meet you up there!
^No, no. It was Polar who said to me, "Did you carry a slab all the way up here?" and I got to say, "No, you did!" Or was that a different film? :lol:
HQ BFC has a APTC SMI in J3 Branch, also APTCIs as well as Unit PTIs at Epi, not sure if you are with a formed unit that does not have a PTI or if you an army individual in a joint posting - if I remember rightly you can prob do the Episkopi CFT as an individual (the Troodos blokes used to come down to do it) and then get the gym staff to pass details on to your HQ to get it entered on UNICOM. If you are just wanting to make sure test is conducted correctly, the details of weights and times are transparent and are in the ITD(A)2 publication. To pass you should come in with the squad between 1 hr 50 and 2 hrs. Weights are dependent on Capbadge: AMS and AGC is something ridiculously light (22lbs incl wpn rings a bell) remember that inf is approx 50 lbs and that others are somewhere on between. However if you are serving with teeth arms or in role as Para/Cdo trained you have to carry the full whack.
Pride has prevented me from carrying less than 40 lbs plus weapon!

Seem to remember there is a stipulation about water stops. Particularly in Cyprus ALL PTIs and Commanders (LCpl and above) have a duty to themselves and their soldiers to ensure that nobody suffers from climatic injury or dehydration.
I remember when this was first brought in :oops:

The first battery of my regiment failed to a man 'cos they had been beasted along the course and had finished way too early :lol: To say we learned from their experience is an understatement 8)

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