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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Big_Duke_Six, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. The real Manchurian Candidate

    Just released from the national archives, an unusual account of what happened to the CO of the Glosters after the battle of Imjin.

    "The offers Lt Col Carne believed had been implanted in his mind included ending Chinese support for the insurgency in what was then Malaya, an automatic renewal of the lease on Hong Kong when it expired in 1997, and a grant of a "mandate" or right to rule "Formosa", modern Taiwan. In return, the Chinese seemed to want Britain, and not America, to be responsible for the reconstruction of Korea and for peacekeeping in the demilitarised zone and for British rather than US ships to rule the waves in the Far East."

    If this is true, you can look at Chinese involvement in Korea, Malaya and Vietnam in an entirely different light. Remember how we always considered the USSR would be the aggressors in a future WW3 until after its collapse and we discovered that they didn't actually have the capability? Perhaps the Chinese were just afraid of Uncle Sam.
  2. Thats heavy sh1t. The Gloucester's were some men.
  3. China entered the war in Korea just a year after finishing their own civil war against the Nationalists who were supported by the US. The USSR had withdrawn and equipped the North Korean army. Stalin gave the nod and agreed to send supplies, uncle Mao was quite happy until after Inchon and the move north when he was worried the US might push to re-instate Chiang in power in China so used Korea as a buffer zone, much the same as the WP countries were designed for Russia. The Chinese were worried about the US, not us.

    Bearing in mind the financial state of UK in 1950 and later on, the Chinese would have been happy to have a Brit presence in the FE as they were no threat. I remember when I served in HK in the 70's that the only thing between us and the reds was a 10 foot fence. Anything else would have been a waste of resource.

    Remember it took the Japs 17 days to take HK in 41 against 2 Bdes. By 77 we had 1 Field Force and the rule was if the Chinese started anything, just get ready for the next plane/boat out. :wink: