Condom or Pill

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bowser-Mong, May 15, 2007.

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  1. HELP.
    Now I usually post really sh1te posts but this one I feel is of importance.

    My good lady is relunctant to go back on the pill and is insistent that I carry on strangling my mate John Thomas with a johnny each time we have a a sh4g (I would say make love but we're married so its a contradiction in terms). I have tried to be as reasonable as possible to her about this and have said that wearing them feels uncomforytble and takes the passion out of sex)She on the other hand says that the pill makes her feel sick and bloated and she hates taking it (she hasnt taken it for over a year).

    Any help in trying to convince her (not physically bit thanks anyway) greatly received.
  2. My missus has stated the same and is thinking of coming off the Pill too. TBH i might try the male pill thing, if it is available..

    Apparent side affects are Man breasts, bloating and hair loss - since I have all three already I might give it a bash!!

    Coat, Taxi, Gone!
  3. Just get the snip lads. A few days of discomfort, then you can s@#g to your hearts content. The missus gets her body back to normal and there's no risk of any rug rats appearing...... (Bet there's some one out there, who had the snip and it failed!!!!!)
  4. It all depends on what you want to find hanging out of her arrse when she comes home p!ssed from the office Christmas party, a johnny or a pill.
  5. Might i suggest the contraceptive implant, same benifits as the pill, but i found the side effects not nearly so bad, with of course the added bonus that you dont have to remember to take the stupid things every day. Other than that get the snip, share the responsibility...
  6. No woman has ever got pregnant through the back of the throat.
  7. or via her back doors..
  8. Or of course there is always the ultimate contraceptive....NO.
  9. you may consider dumping her. Selfish cow.
  10. Why dont she try a different pill - everyone does affects the body differently so maybe shes using the wrong one to suit her.

    But dont give up, keep on at it - you should not have to suffer for your wifes low pain threshold.
  11. Drug her, then she won't know!
  12. Another option is the coil - lasts between 5 and 7 years depending on which one you chose. Again once its fitted and a few checks have been made it can be forgoten about.

  13. And another option. Have a w@nk instead.
  14. that's gonna work!!

    Kick her back doors in everytime. she'll soon go back on the pill!!!

    Seriously though, either go for the snip (which you never need to worry again) or get her to try alternatives.

    then do her back doors

  15. Lots of options: the Progesterone Only Pill works for a lot of women for whom the oestrogen/progesterone Pill doesn't; femidoms; the Cap.

    Perhaps the most useful thing would be for her to talk to her GP/family planning advisor about it?