Condom Etiquette... HELP!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by blessed baby cakes, Sep 20, 2004.

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  1. Teenager’s girlfriends mum found used condom on their bedroom floor and freaked out!

    (I'm just glad they're not shagging bag less, am much to young to be Grandma!)

    So here's the question, what advice should I give my 16-year-old and his bit?

    I’m sure there are a few Bag Disposal Experts on here!

  2. try not to flush them cos they don't always go
  3. dont be a fool and protect your tool springs to mind :lol:
    seriously though, i don't know. is it good someone took responsibility, i think it is. got all this to come with my twins, so whilst i mat be laughing now, nodoubt i wont be in a few years time. :cry:
    let me know the answer though pls
  4. It might sound a little strange, but if the girlfriends mother is going to go mental every time her 'little princess' is sexually active, and you are not too concerned. Let them shag at your place, at least then you will know where they are.
  5. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Send him down the clinic and get a load more for free.
  6. Up the bum = no harm done :lol:
  7. Woops that only works for pregnancy not STDs.
  8. Tell him that it's not his fault if she gets pregnant. Its up to her to provide the Johnnies. Also, tell him to smack her up a bit when she gets pregnant as it's all her fault, the stupid cow.

    Damn, that was good! 8)
  9. i found the best way to flush em, was to fill them with water immeadiatly before flushing.
    either that or keep em and lob em out of the window :oops:
  10. Tell the daughter to drink the contents of the johnnie or better still, cut out the middle man and swallow her boyfriends load straight from the tap so to speak. As for STD's, it's all part of growing up. If he has got an STD he could always join up, get posted on Ex Grand Prix and give the whores in the Riverside a dose - See how they like it the b*stards!!
  11. Just rinse them out and save them for the next time.
  12. wrap it in bog roll, then have a piss on it, then it will flush, oh and you need to get the air out too, I normally tie a knot in it as well!! :lol:

    Other advice, well, let them shag more at your place then her parents wont find anymore used ones as door stops!!!!
  13. Some colleagues of mine went on a weeks holiday to Magaluf, and it was established that every bloke that trapped had to leave the "evidence" pinned up on the balcony.

    As there were 6 of them, and it was August, and they were there two weeks, they apparently amassed a truly vile collection of used flobbers that twisted sluggishly in the hot mediterranean breeze, some of which were reputed to have had a reddish tinge to them......... 8O
  14. I thought you were supposed to turn it inside out before using.
  15. They're banned from sh*gging in my place as he sleeps on the top bunk above his 3 year-old brother (save it, I know :roll: ) who I fear may be seasick if they start rocking the boat in there. (I always note my bed is changed and the room spotless if I go away for the weekend.....)

    And besides, if I have to listen to my off spring making the bed squeak, I’d be a bit sea sick myself... think catching your parents sh*gging... same same

    He LIVES with his girlfriend during the week I only get them at weekends, they have their own room there and are very happy bunnies!

    I told him to get one of those Velcro basketball hoops and a packet of nappy sacks.

    They can bag it up and see if they can get a hole in one, (but dear god I’m 37, just NEVER let there be an actual hole in one!)