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Condom Ads

Sainsbury Condoms - Making life taste better

Tesco Condoms - Every little helps

Nike Condoms - Just do it

Peugeot Condoms - The ride of your life

Galaxy Condoms - Why have rubber when you can have silk

KFC Condoms - Finger licking good

Minstrels Condoms - Melt in your mouth, not in your hands

Safeway condoms - Lightening the load

Abbey National condoms - Because life is complicated enough

Halifax Condoms - Always giving you extra

Coca Cola condoms - The real thing

Ever Ready condoms - Keep going and going and going

Pringles condoms - Once you pop, you can't stop

Burger King condoms - home of the whopper

Goodyear condoms - 'for a longer ride go wide'

Muller light condoms - so much pleasure, but where's the pain

Royal Mail condoms - I saw this and thought of you

Andrex condoms - Soft, strong and very, very long

Renault condoms - size really does matter!

Flash condoms - Just sit back, relax and let Flash do all the hard work

Domestos condoms - Gets right under the rim!!!

Heineken condoms - Reaches parts that others just cannot reach

Carlsberg condoms - Probably the best in the world

Mars condoms - Pleasure you can't measure

AA Condoms - For the 4th emergency service

Pepperami condoms - It's a bit of an animal

Polo condoms - The one with the hole..........

L'Oreal condoms - Because you’re worth it!

Mr Muscle condoms - Loves the jobs you hate

Access condoms – Don’t leave home without it

Avis condoms – we try harder

Burger King condoms – have it your way

Courage Ale condoms – it’s what your right arm’s for

Federal Express condoms - When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.

Heineken condoms - Refreshes the parts others cannot reach.

Jaguar condoms - Grace... space... pace.

Lay’s crisps condoms - Betcha can't eat just one.

Maxwell House condoms - Good to the last drop.

Microsoft condoms - Where do you want to go today?

Radio Times condoms - If it's on, it's in.

Qualcast condoms - It's a lot less bovver than a hover.

Smarties condoms - WotalotIgot!

Timex condoms – It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Volkswagen condoms - Think Small (not a good seller)
BuztyBabe said:
Arrse condoms?
Current Affairs Condom - when you need it straight away.

Intelligence Cell = For the sophisticated shag.

Officers = Tiny.

QM's = Sign here. Return clean and pressed thank you.

NCO's = 1 x large + 2 x backup.

Naafi bar = When you just don't give a fukk who gets it.

RAC = Long, thin and comes with tracks.

RLC = Thick as fukk................the condom I mean. 8)

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