Condolences threads - a couple of suggestions

Hi folks

I worried a few folk today, for which I apologise wholeheartedly, by adding a post to a condolences thread that was two weeks old. This brought it onto the front page of ARRSE, and it looked like there had been more British casualties.

My reason for posting was to add the names of the two soldiers who had been killed to the end of the thread. I felt it needed to be done, but regret the effect it had by alarming others.

Sadly, the numbers of those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan in particular means that we have a number of threads that are effectively current all running at the same time.

Can I ask therefore, that if you start a condolences thread, you try and do the following:

a. Put the date in the subject header.

b. Put the area if it's known at that stage.

c. If you start a thread, please can you ensure that when the names are released by the MoD, usually within a couple of days, a post is added to your thread with this information.

d. If there is a BBC News story or MoD item that describes the life and achievements of the person we lost, please add a link as well.

e. When the name is released, you might consider editing the initial subject ine in your post to add it.

This should make it easier for the friends of the fallen to find the thread and ensure that their names are not forgotten.

Kind regards


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