Condoleezza Rice on BBC 1 Andrew Marr SUNDAY TOMORROW Nov 13th 9.00am GMT

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Andrew Marr presents a special Remembrance Sunday programme, with guests including former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, author and daughter of Winston Churchill Lady Mary Soames and tenor Alfie Boe.

Condoleezza Rice taping an interview with BBC's Andrew Marr from Mobile, Alabama. 11th November 2011.

[HR][/HR]Some links to videos on YouTube of particular interest to viewers of the BBC.

Condoleezza Rice's new book 'No Higher Honor' unboxing by Peter Dow from Aberdeen, Scotland.
Condoleezza Rice 'No Higher Honor' unboxing by Peter Dow. - YouTube

Peter Dow explains the importance of Condoleezza Rice to people who might view the BBC or are anywhere in Britain.

What has Condi done for the people of Britain, of England, of Scotland, of Wales, of Northern Ireland? Sure I can answer that.

But don't ask me to accept that we the people here are "of the UK". I am not "of the UK". The UK is "on my back". I am a republican. I oppose kingdoms, even United Kingdoms. I want the UK out of Scotland and out of Britain. So I am not a person "of" the UK. I am a person "against" the UK.

OK, enough said on that, now to what has Condi done for the people here?

Everything Condi has done for us.

In 1989, Condi ended the cold war.

1989: Condoleezza Rice ends the Cold War.
Director, Soviet and East European Affairs, National Security Council, February 1989 - March 1990.
Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs and Senior Director for Soviet Affairs, National Security Council, March 1990 - March 1991
Left, Condoleezza Rice on Air Force 1
Right, Condoleezza Rice on the Soviet ship 'Maxim Gorky' for meetings with President George H. W. Bush and Soviet President Michael Gorbachev.

A German documentary about reunification highlights Condi's key role.
Condoleezza Rice und deutsche Wiedervereinigung / and German reunification - YouTube

As Secretary of State, Condi has offered us excellent leadership. Interview in 2 parts with David Frost in 2005
Part 1 Secretary Condoleezza Rice interviewed for the BBC 2005. (1) - YouTube
Part 2 Secretary Condoleezza Rice interviewed for the BBC 2005. (2) - YouTube

Condi has been a good friend to us - Condi visits Liverpool and N.W.England - Beatles music mix
Beatles #1 Hits music mix. Condi Rice visits Liverpool. - YouTube

Condi has stood by us in our hour of need. 7/7 London bombs outrage Condi Rice
7/7 London bombs outrage Condi Rice - YouTube
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